Zumba Fitness for XBox Kinect

It is time to get fit with the next best thing for motion controlled fitness games – the Xbox Kinect system and a version of Zumba Fitness that works with it. As seen in gyms and workout centers across the country Zumba Fitness can be brought straight into your living room. Using your Xbox 360 system, a specialized workout regimen can be created specifically for your needs and ability level. This enhanced workout technology is able to detect arm and leg motions as well as side-to-side movement. With thirty levels of gameplay available, the workouts will never be dull but rather unique and challenging.

Created by Beto Perez, Zumba is a combination of rhythm and Latin dance moves such as those seen in the Meringue, Cumbia, Salsa, and Samba just to name a few. Perez, a renowned fitness trainer has made Zumba a worldwide sensation. Exercise and dance has come together to make strengthening the body a fun and worthwhile process.

Because of the variety of routines that Zumba Fitness Kinect has to offer, even the most novice of users will be satisfied with this system. From the top athletes to the couch potatoes, there is a program to meet everyone’s needs. The on-screen personal trainer will guide you through the moves-just follow along. It is that simple. The software will be able to detect your moves and keep track of the progress. You will then be graded at the end of the routine of your performance. With the positive reinforcement in game play, this is an excellent way to have fun and get in shape without having to leave home.

Zumba is certainly one of the most popular fitness games on all gaming platforms as well as on DVD. But, there are several other fitness games for Kinect out as well. These include EA Sports Active 2 which was made popular on the Nintendo Wii platform, Your Shape – Fitness Evolved, also a big hit on the Wii, and The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout. So, if Zumba is not your thing there are several good alternatives to turn your living room into a workout gym with the Xbox Kinect.