Zlatni Rat Beach Bol Brac – The Finest Place to Spend Your Vacation

If you are tired of the busy life and planning on a nice vacation to let your exhaustion out, or if your honeymoon is next then there are unending places to think about but what tops them all is Zlatni rat beach, that is also known as Golden Horn. It is located just in front of the heart of Croatia, on the Island Brac, opposite to Makarska Revieri. Having shape of a big white tongue in the sea, this beautiful beach stretches at about 580 yards being one of the biggest tourist attractions around the world.

Round the year many water sports are organized giving the tourists an extravaganza and making them enjoy the sun even more. Mainly windsurfers get pulled towards this paradise a lot; conditions suit them the most. Places and things like coffee cafes, parachute riding, banana boats and other restaurants can be easily found at Zlatni rat beach. People really get amazed by how the beach’s shape and position changes time-to-time depending on the wind direction. We have many More Croatia Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

Another important place this Adriatic island has is the Bol town. It is a nearby-secluded harbor. You can easily find pretty apartments, houses, private accommodations and hotel rooms to rent if you are planning on a long stay not getting too heavy on the pockets to pay, this small place where you will reside is known as Bol villa. Mostly the hotel rooms or the tourist spots are designed in a rich historical way adding another interesting touch to the mood.

Unlike any other, you would find this beach neatly protected with the help of safety nets from the unpredictable sea. The tip of the beach remains open for surfers and swimmers, both are kept an eye on by the lifeguards at all times. If you love hiking you can even get that done when it comes to Island Brac. Unlike other sea facing areas, the Brac gives the ultimate pleasure of all climates being mild and having rainy winters and summers are warm and dry. Trees like Black Pine, Macchia, Aleppo and also Holm Oak dominate the greenery of the island and along the Zlatni beach.

Let’s not forget about the wildlife that always does add to the beauty somehow. Dormouse that is kind of a big mouse is popular on this Adriatic island having a really pretty furry tail plus you would find goats and sheeps as the symbol of the island roaming in the woods and trees making your sight as beautiful as possible.

Talking about the wonderful Island Brac and the Zlatni beach, the list of pleasurable things may never end so one needs to get on the track giving the amazing Zlatni Rat Beach some time. I bet that the famous white rocks of this island will bring you back once more giving you the ever lasting memories that you hoped for. We have many More Croatia Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.