Zero Point Energy Generator Plans

According to the brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla, the electricity is present everywhere in unlimited quantity. So, a zero point energy generator doesn’t actually create energy. It simply extracts the energy that is already there. This means that the zero point generator does not violate any known laws of physics.

The first working zero point energy generator device was developed many years ago by two Australian inventors who quickly became very famous. Its important to note that a magnetic generator is not a so called free energy device or perpetual motion machine – those are, at least in theory, impossible to build. However, because the power of a magnet decays at a very small rate its quite feasible to build a magnetic generator that can run for many years using only a cheap set of magnets as its power source.

The technology was basic but it worked, and, like most inventions, many other people soon grasped it and developed it further. The end result is that its now possible, providing you have the right information, to build your own fully functioning magnetic generator with just a few basic tools and some easily obtainable parts.

Some of the benefits of building your own zero point energy generator:

  • Save money on your electricity bill. It can reduce or even eliminate your power bill.
  • It takes up little space. Can be used anywhere in the house.
  • It is very environmentally friendly, because it doesn’t expel any pollutants into the air.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Sell the additional energy to the power company and make some profit.
  • Can be installed in every home
  • Fully functional in any type of climate that is either hot or cold.
  • Completely safe to use. It is neither combustible nor flammable.

The main problem that faced most people was how to build a working magnet generator that was sufficiently powerful to provide the amount of energy typically needed by the average family household. Until recently, most of the projects were basically hobby projects that simply proved that a device like this could work.

However, thanks to some innovative thinking by some very clever folks, the zero point generator has now moved out of the labs and into the home. It is now possible to get manuals that show you, step by step, how to build a zero point energy generator that is capable of providing up to 50{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of the average home energy requirements.

So, just build two of these machines and you can effectively run your entire home on free, renewable electricity. The full, step by step plans and expert buying advice contained in these guides ensure that the magnet generator is much more than just a hobby product, but is actually a fully viable way to power your home with free electricity for years to come.

Because these machines use the power of magnets to generate power, they can be used anywhere. I have seen them working in garages and even in cupboards under the stairs. They don’t need light or wind so they can be used just as easily indoors as well as out. They don’t produce any harmful emissions so they are very environmentally friendly and they are quiet.

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