Your 6 Pack Quest Abs Frequently Asked Questions

With Vince Delmonte’s new "Your Six Pack Quest" abs program set to launch within a few days, I did some extra review of this course. He has a "Frequently Asked Question" section that is wonderful. Most of the questions you have about truly building 6 pack abs are answered there.

I am including a sample here: I have failed many times with other programs. How do I know your course is right for me? Vince responds – most of the time you are actually failing yourself. The best programs will guide you with motivation, background, education and action. Of the many programs he sees this is what is found –

Here is where most programs fail:

• Program structure unable to boost metabolism.
• Exercise selection is for mass building – not fat loss.
• Not enough functional training.
• Nervous system is not primed.
• Workout intensity is too tame.
• Fundamental principles of fat loss not applied properly.
• Overemphasis on long cardio sessions.
• Too complicated.
• Too advanced too soon.
• Absence of gradual progression.

• No plateau-busting techniques.
• Workouts are boring.

You must train smarter, not harder, with the proper meal plans and attitude. He goes on for several paragraphs, but you get the picture.

If you are concerned about the course being right for you, fear not. Vince has taken a lot of effort to answer your questions.

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