You Can Play the Drums Without a Drum Set

If you are just starting to learn to play the drums, and you do not have a drum set yet, you can begin by tapping your hands on a flat surface; simply improvise and use the available resources around you. But if you can shell out around thirty dollars, get a pair of drumsticks and a practice pad.

The value of a complete drum set ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the type, brand, and quality, so even if you don’t have the money to invest in a complete drum set yet, you can simply practice your drumming, and when you have acquired a drum set, you at least know how to play the basics.

In choosing your first pair of drum sticks, the rating “2B” is usually recommended for beginning drummers. You can ask your local music store about it. It is important to remember that there are different kinds of sticks ý they are not the same! Your stick choice should relate to your style of music. For instance, in rock or heavy metal music, you should use heavier sticks.

Drum practice pads are widely available at music stores and on the internet. Some practice pads even have design prints, and some come in five-piece kits. You also have the option to get a practice pad stand to go along with your pad and your “throne”. Your throne should ideally be cushioned and adjustable. For professional drummers, a regular chair simply isn’t adequate, but since you are just beginning, improvising is still advisable– just be certain that you are comfortable where you’re sitting.

When your equipment is ready, you can begin with your stick exercises; a good one for beginners is “snap-ups”. This exercise teaches you how to let your sticks naturally bounce off a drum. You should let your wrist bend with each stroke of your sticks. Your arms should only move with the movement of the wrist. As you play, keep your hand parallel to the floor. It is important that you are relaxed, and that your elbows are close to your body. Only the tips of the drum sticks should be striking the center of the practice pad. Practice in front of a mirror so that you can see your movements and whether or not your sticks are moving straight up and down.

You can improvise and practice with whatever is available, so learning how to play the drums is not limited to those who have the instrument; after all, it is better that you know how to play an instrument even without it, than to have an instrument without knowing how to play it. Happy drumming!