Writing Resumes: The Impacts of an Unprofessional Email Address

All of you out there that are writing resumes and submitting them via email or listing email address in your resume listen up! It is time we all get serious with the addresses that you are providing when writing resumes.

The email that you provide in your resume could leave your inbox empty from prospective employers. If you want your job application and resumes to be taken serious, then seriously consider what email address you include or send your application from.

Addresses such as xboxchamp@ or rockbabe@ might have been cute and cool at high school or university. However, they are not appropriate to use when want to be taken seriously in the workplace.

Let me give you an example, imagine I am a recruitment officer and I’m sitting at my computer when incomes an email from an address that reads xboxchamp@ Before I even open the email I am judging its sender and the contents.

Now I know this sound harsh, however this is a harsh reality, your application will be judged like this before it even is read. Being judged in a negative or immature light is not what anyone wants when they are applying for a position, and that’s why it is so important when you’re writing resumes that you ensure you are providing and sending your applications from a professional email address.

When selecting a professional email address you need to aim for something that identifies you as a person e.g. bobsmith@. If your name is not available try variations of your name such as your first initial and your last name e.g. bsmith@ or try putting a dash or underscore with it such as b_smith@ or bob_smith@ if it is a family email address your family name e.g. smithfamily@.

If your running your own business and you’re using resume with submissions for tender applications for sub contract work, again you need to steer away from those immature and unprofessional emails addresses. As the larger and corporate companies that are looking at higher you will look at your email addresses and if it is unprofessional they will wonder how serious you are about your work and the tender you are applying for.

As a business person you can get email address that use your name such as suggested above, or you could use your business name abc.consulting@ or even think about email addresses such as info@ or admin@ to help lift the level of perceived professionalism.

You can get many free email addresses from Yahoo, Google, MSN, and some internet providers can provide you with more than one email address with your internet package. You can set up your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to collect emails from your different addresses to minimize the time of having to check them all individually.

I hope this article has helped you and encourages you to go and attend to the email that you are using when writing resumes.

Best of luck with your resumes.

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