Writing Resume Cover Letters – 6 Tips To Get The Job

When you have completed the ideal resume, then the step that follows is the frequently dreaded covering letter. Preparing a cover letter for a resume is a challenge since it is difficult to determine what must be mentioned in the letter and what has already been enclosed in your resume and what conditions, phrases and words are vital to catch the reader’s attention.

Several key points must be kept in mind while writing a resume cover letter. They must attract the reader to look at the entire resume. The best tips that may help you to write a perfect curriculum vitae cover letter are as follows:

1. Mention the position you are applying for. Do not assume that the employer or interviewer will know why you’re mailing in your resume. Clearly indicate the position that you’re applying for, using the same terms as in job posting or advertisement. Sometimes, you might even have to mention the location you are applying to, if there are several listings for different locations.
2. If you are preparing a cover letter in order to enquire about prospective positions in the future, indicate this point clearly. Whenever you are enquiring about the chances of employment, make sure you specify which areas, sections or departments you wish to apply for.
3. Indicate in the resume cover letter where you discovered about the job position or job position. This may be from an internet career web site, a general listing posted on the internet, by a professional publication, an advertisement in the paper or in the company’s own website. If you have been referred through an employee or manager working in the company you can mention their name too.

4. Highlighting your educational qualification and previous work experience relevantly in a brief and succinct paragraph is essential so that it draws the reader’s attention into reading the complete resume.
5. Use a normal, non-decorative font of size 10-14, with sufficient spacing on the page. Composing resume cover letters must strictly follow the rules and regulations involved in resume writing; avoid crowding, and the use of any graphics or fonts which are difficult to read.
6. Customize every cover letter to suit the particular information of the job; do not use a generalized covering letter for every job.

Preparing resume cover letters does call for time and thought. It is often recommended that you have somebody to go through your letter and check for grammatical errors, sentence structure, spelling mistakes and to make an overall comment on your covering letter. It is very important to avoid stapling the covering letter of the resume. Instead, use a paper clip to ensure that the reader is able to review the resume with ease.

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