Writing an Effective Project Manager Resume

In society today, there is a noticeable increase in competitiveness in the field of project management because a lot of companies or organizations are beginning to see the value of having project managers around to advance company goals. Thus, it is particularly vital that a project manager resume contains the essential components that employers are looking for. A project manager resume, like all resumes, contain basic information about an employee’s experience in the field, as well as his qualifications. For a project manager resume to be effective, listed below are five essential components the project manger resume must contain:

? A strong front page

Employees read many a project manager resume every day. Most likely, after reading the first few with an eye for detail, they would grow tired and the next project manager resume that comes the employers’ way would simply be scanned through. It is for this reason that having a very strong first page in your project manager resume is important.

Having a strong first page for a project manager’s resume would mean that the first page should easily sum up your skills as a project manager, without the employer having to read through every page of the project manager resume just to get the gist of your qualifications. The front page of the project manager resume should therefore contain your name, role as an employee, the name of the company and your most notable achievements in your career.

? Career Summary
The project manager resume should contain a career summary section. This should list around 10 to 15 of your most note-worthy achievements throughout your entire career.

? The Key Words
Project management has key words that employers look for while going through a project manager resume. These key words include budget, project plan, risk management and scope. It is important that these key words appear every so often.

? Right Amount of Information

In a nutshell, while reading through a project manager resume is important in finding good employees, no employer will be willing to read a 10-page project manager resume. It is therefore vital to compress everything (for example more than 10 years of experience in the field) into a project manager resume as short as 3 pages.

? The Modern Project Manager Resume Template

It is practical to use a project manager resume template. The project manager resume template helps you apply for positions faster, and it’s a lot more safer than making your own format, because the project manager resume template is already set for you – the only thing you need to do is to populate it with the right kind information. This project manager resume template ensures you that you’re submitting your project manager resume using the correct format.

These 5 tips will help you in writing an effective project manager resume.

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