Writing a Perfect Objective Statement For the Hotel Management Jobs

Rapid expansion in the field of tourism has resulted in the growth of hotel management industry at an international as well as, local level. Hotel management industry promises some bright career opportunities for the volunteers who wish to join the hospitality team of a hotel in future. Today, more and more students are opting for hotel management courses.

You need to perform well in your interview. Keep in mind that your recruiters want a potential candidate who is capable of presenting himself in a smart manner. So, in order to present yourself as a well-trained, confident and elegant candidate, you need to focus on your resume first. A resume Objective statement plays significant role in crafting an extraordinary resume. Here are some sample statements for you.

1. Post: Hotel Manager for a Luxury Resort (3-Star/5-Star)

Resume Objective: Seeking for the post of Hotel Manager in a reputed resort where I get an opportunity of utilizing my experiences, skills and knowledge that I have earned during all these years of learning. My innovative ideas and dynamic personality will please my employee as well as, my customers. My innovative ideas would certainly help me in performing my job with ease and efficiency.

2. Post: Banquet Manager for a Guest House/Catering Company

Resume Objective: Seeking for the post of Banquet Manager in an esteemed, lively organization where I can execute my Advertising, Promotional and Marketing talents; along with Banquet operation skills to gain profits for my organization.

3. Post: Bar Tender in a Pub or Lounge

Resume Objective: I am looking for the job of Bartender in an admired Pub or a Lounge where I can exhibit my energy, creativity, spark, multi-tasking talents, refined tastes and strong interpersonal skills. With my positive attitude, friendly nature and ten years of experience, I will benefit the my organization.

4. Post: Waiter

Resume Objective: I am a well-trained, humble, enthusiastic plus friendly waiter having twelve years of experience in the field of catering. I am searching for a job in a well-organized restaurant where I can exhibit my strong communication, interpersonal and training skills. I have the potential to handle pressure and offer complete customer satisfaction.

5. Post: Hotel Manager in a Small-Scale hotel or a Cafe

Resume Objective: I am looking for the position of Hotel Manager in an Esteemed Hotel like yours, where I can make use of my management skills in an efficient manner to ensure the expansion of my hotel. I have numerous creative ideas for arranging and conducting all the hotel events, and maintaining the Hotel staff.

These were some effective statement samples. I hope they will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful resume.

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