Write Resume Cover Letter – Tips To Stand Out And Land The Job

When you write resume cover letters, you’ll have to play a little detective work.  If you want to stand out with who ever is going to be interviewing you.  You’ll have to show you know more about the company than your competing prospects for the job.  Interviewers love this.  I’ll cover a bit more on what I did later.  First let me make sure you understand why you need a good cover letter.

Your resume, as great as it may be is more of a run down of your past and possibly, current job positions.  I know it was for me.  Of course it’ll cover your strengths but most times it doesn’t prove any of your skills.  The cover letter helps you stand out in a way a resume doesn’t by showing the interest you have for working for a specific company.  Going the extra mile goes along way and it shows your interviewer you’re not afraid of working.  Think about it.  Your reason for wanting the job goes from, changing employment, for what ever reason, more money, closer to home etc.  To being part of an organization, that you like or identify with.

How you prove your interest, this is where the detective comes in.  You find out as much as possible about the company as you can.  Without braking any laws, keep it clean will you.  You then write a resume cover letter plugging as much of the knowledge you picked up as you can.  Paint a picture in the readers mind of how you can benefit the organization by being part of it and how much you know it already.

There’s also phrases and words you want to avoid.  Nobody speaks that way.  Lets be honest.  There’s some lines on some of the generic cover letters that yell out generic, all over them.  Don’t get filed away.  Take some time, learn a little about where you want to work and please make sure it makes sense to where you’re applying.  That’s the biggest problem with letters that are too generic.  Many times they don’t make sense.

Also, remember the power of search engines?  Employers can find those generic cover letters online in about 0.21 seconds.  That’s right.  The letters you find, they find.

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