Write Good Resume Content and Get Hired as a Game Tester

How nice would it be if you could get a career where you were able to play games all day and get paid a full time income?  Though it sounds too good to be true, people are actually getting jobs as game testers all the time.  It’s a competitive field, but many of the people who try to get hired as video game testers fail for one simple reason: not having a strong resume.  If you write good resume content and put forth all your strengths, your chances of getting hired are much better.

As with any resume, your resume as a game tester should include your previous job experiences and what you brought to each job.  You should include the names of your employers and what the actual jobs you did were – including job titles.  Include your level of education (high school, college, etc.) and any other major achievements you’ve completed, even if they aren’t game related.  Employers are looking for personal attributes as much as experience; attention to detail is one that is very important for game testers.

If you have ever participated in beta testing or completed courses or an internship at a gaming company, you definitely want to put that on your resume.  The more experience you have had, even if you haven’t been officially employed by a game company before, the better.

By following these tips and taking time to put together all your experience and personal strengths, you can write good resume content that will dramatically increase your chances of being hired.  Even if you are initially refused at some employers, keep submitting your resume.  Determination is the key to success.

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