Workout Routines – Its Pros and Cons

The fast-paced world leaves limited time for men and women to exercise and take care of their body. With family and earning a living as priorities, people jeopardize their health by leaving behind an active lifestyle and pour their time and effort on work. Worse, the eating habits of most grown-up men and women are nowhere near healthy. It is mostly composed of fat, oil, and less of the fruits and greens. This calls for a need to revamp your lifestyle. Make all workout routines welcome distractions to your life. Make sure to squeeze as much time from your schedule into making your lives healthy, fit and prosperous.

Workout and exercise has no known disadvantage. Aside from the fact that it is inadvisable to the chronically ill, its benefits to the generally healthy individuals are tremendous. It helps maintain an ideal weight, promotes a healthy bone density, and increases muscles strength and joint mobility. Apart from that, it has been attributed to a stronger immune system reducing risks of infection and developing an overall well being – not only physical as well has mental and social. In some research, an ample amount of exercise has been credited for an overall happy disposition of persons.

Apart from that, frequent and timely workout has dramatically shown to help treat and prevent common, chronic and sometimes, debilitating conditions such a hypertension, uncontrolled obesity, cardiovascular disease, lifestyle-induced diabetes and even psychological conditions such as insomnia and depression.

The cardiovascular benefits include strengthening of the heart muscle, increasing cardiac volume, and improving overall circulation in the body. With the heart efficiently working, all cells and tissues of the body are provided enough nutrients for its repair, growth and overall functioning. Moreover, enough energy is produced by the body to support other activities by the individuals. He will generally feel fit, be eager to work and get the right amount of sleep everyday.

These undeniable and lifelong benefits are the reasons why more and more people are gearing towards a healthy lifestyle. A busy individual with exercise can work efficiently and meet deadlines compared to his inactive counterpart. He presents a happy disposition, a radiating wholesome personality and an unbelievably easy to please disposition.

Who would not want all benefits that can only be brought by a good workout? Would you continue to sulk in the corner and think about the good things it has brought to others’ lives? Experience it yourself! Do not linger in your unhealthy lifestyle. Do not deprive yourself of chance to prolong your life. Exercise and be happy and you are on your way to the best change this whole lifetime can offer you! Raise your level of activity and you will never go wrong ever again!

Push Up Stands and How to Use Them!

Each person has his own unique style of doing push-ups. Some satisfy their selves with doing push-ups the conventional way, which is parallel to the ground. Some even improvise and up their degree of resistance by putting a toolbox or any other pack to lift their feet. With elevating the feet, not only is the push-up a lot harder but it also increases the weights carried on both arms.

In the recent years, another invention to make one’s push-up experience a little different is the addition of push up stands. The purpose of these added equipments is to elevate even the hands making room for a superior effect for the pecs. These are called the push up stands. It is practically an arc that would fit the ground and serve as holding bars for the ones about to do push ups.

In using this apparatus, one must first measure the exact distance of his arms every time he does push ups. He will then place the stands on their designated places on the floor or on the ground. He will assume the push up position that is, making his body parallel to the ground. He will then raise his hands into the grips in both stands and assume a slanting position about a 15-degree angle relative to the ground.

Upon starting his push up, he will elevate his body to the point of hyper-extending both of his hands. He will then push his body back to the ground not only to the level of his hands but even extending to the grounds or up to his level of resistance. He will repeat this process to as much as he would want or according to his designated push-up limit as prescribed by his trainer.

The idea of extending the push beyond the hands is to create the same level of resistance like when one is hyperextending even in his supposed to be relaxed state. This will serve double purpose to the pecks and arm muscles because both muscle groups are not only compressed but are also stretched while doing one whole round of push up.

Whether doing a regular push ups or with the aid of stands, one must realize that the muscles can only bear a certain level of threshold in stretching or compressing. We are avoiding the overuse of these muscles because when they are overstretched, they end up being unusable. In addition, the degree of pain of overextended muscles can hamper a normal functioning of an individual.

Of course, with each exercise we do, we do not intend to inflict harm to ourselves. Let us be aware of our limits and we have to make sure to do warm up exercises for a smooth sailing exercise regimen.

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