Workout For Abs

Workout for abs are used for two main reasons. The first one: people use these to strengthen the core muscles which is a must for athletes and also very beneficial for the amateur sports player.The second and most popular reason, and the one we will discuss in this articles, is to burn away the belly fat in the hopes of becoming ripped enough to see the six pack abs.Unfortunately, workout for abs do not burn belly fat, in fact they do very little in burning fat at all. However they are important for developing six pack abs once you burn away the fat. We have many more Abs Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

The good news is that there is a way to work out the abs and burn fat at the same time. It’s called metabolic resistance training which is a combining full body movement exercise in a circuit fashion.

Metabolic resistance training is so efficient that a typical workout can be done in 15 to 20 minutes. The reason these workouts can be done in a short amount of time is because of the use of supersets, multi-muscle exercises, and a variety of total body movements. Plus, instead of doing long, slow boring cardio, it involves bodyweight circuits with no equipment at all, and these workouts are kick butt and burn the fat.

The best part is you can do all of these at home. They can be done with no equipment at or with a pair of dumbbells to increase intensity.

You’re going to love the sample workout for abs below. You’ll see they don’t take very long at all. First, you need to start every workout with a 3-5 minute bodyweight circuit warm-up.

Bodyweight Circuit Warm-Up.

Perform all the exercises with no rest in between each of them. Only rest for about 30 seconds once you’ve completed the circuit. Do 10 to 12 reps per exercise and repeat 2-3 times.

Jumping Jacks Squats Push-Up Plank

After your warm-up, perform these exercises in a superset combining two exercises together with no rest in between and 60 seconds rest once the superset is completed. Repeat each superset 3 times.


1 – A) Squats
1 – B) Push-Ups
2 – A) Inverted Rows
2 – B) Mountain Climbers
3 – A) Split Squat
3 – B) Close-Grip Push-Up

That’s all you need. This is powerful, body changing stuff right there.

Make sure you learn how to do all exercises with proper form, by checking out all the exercises description and pictures for this workout for abs.

With these at home workouts, you’ll save time, money, and gas, plus you’ll have more energy for your family and spouse. You’ll get more fat burning results in less time by working out in the comfort of your own home. We have many more Abs Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

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