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Welcome to our help guide for wordpress admin area. Below are many of the most frequent questions asked by webmasters about customizing their website using the admin area since there are so many options it may seem overwhelming to some people who have never used the wordpress admin area built into their website. Check out the topics below, they covers simple how to questions such as how to edit a page or post (an article), adding new pages or post, adding new plugins, security updates and so on. We update this page with new topics regularly plus and try to answer users question who post on the comments section at the bottom of the page.

You can go to the admin area, click appearance heading then select customize to make quick and easy changes to some of the website such as changing the website title and tagline, back round colors or setting ad codes in the pre defined ad spaces that are included on your website. Simply look at the options available on the left then push the down arrow for the option you want to change – you will now see a drop menu and be able to make the change. Once done save and you will see the update on the right side before it actually goes live. Once you made adjustments you want click the save button at the top of the left side menu and your website will then update with the changes right away with NO further intervention required from you. You may need to fresh your browser when going to your homepage to show most updated changes or even sometimes need to clear your cache.

you can go to pages and add new pages you want… Once done go to appearance heading then select menu… From the left side add the new pages – they will now appear on the right side, move them around as you see fit hey will display in order of highest to lowest. If you want to add sub pages you need to drag the new pages below the main page – sub pages appear a bit to the right of the main page tab.

This can be done from your websites admin area, go to post heading from here you see see all the current articles or “Add new” articles. You can click edit below any of the currently posted articles to open that article so you can edit either the title or text.

This can be done from your websites admin area, go to pages heading from here you see see all the current PAGES or “Add new” pages. You can click edit below any of the currently posted pages to open that article so you can edit either the title or text, add images (use insert media option), change text color and font sizes.

We built your website on the wordpress platform, you will be able to go to wordpress.org/support sign up for an account, you can then search for your problem using the search box and see ALL past post from other users who had similar problems that already have been answered. If you cannot find a previous topic addressing your issue you can even post questions about the wordpress admin area itself as well as the plugins offered inside the plugin section of your admin area and get answers directly from wordpress, wordpress community members and plugin developers directly. This is an excellent resource to share ideas and get quick help if you need it.

Plugins are developed by 3rd party programmers that can be added to most wordpress websites to give extra functionality – For example google offers a translator plugin that you can install to your website, you could then place the google translator anywhere you want it on your pages or widgets so users from other countries can change your website content from english to their preferred language ——— This is just an example there are tens of thousands of plugins available for different purposes ——— To add a new plugin go to your admin area then select then plugins heading and below that add new. Once your on plugins>add new you will see a search box where you can enter a keyword for example if you want to see translators available just enter translator. You will now see all plugins that contain the word translator, you can then click to auto install and active the plugin. Remember to check the plug in rating left by other wordpress users whom have downloaded and use that plugin in this past, this give you a good idea of which plugins are best.

If you have any trouble getting the plugin to work as it should When searching thru the plugins you will see each plug has a link to the support and information page on www.wordpress.org for that particular plugin (or just go to www.wordpress.org and type in the plugin name). Here you can see the full description and list of functions offered by that plugin. You can also find out how to integrate the plugin PLUS in most cases get direct support from the developer or community by posting a help message on the support forum should you encounter a problem with the plugin itself.

This can be done automatically from your admin area by going to dashboard heading then select “updates” from there you can see and automatically update any plugins or the wordpress version if a new release is available.

This can be done from your admin area, go to comments heading you can see all comments, edit, reply or approve or mark them as spam.


Using Theme Options:

This can be done by going to the post or page where the slider is setup and select edit. You will now see the page/post content and title – Look to the right side of your screen and find the option for “featured image” you can click the link to set or if an image there already remove. You can then drag the image you want to use right into that window to load the image and save. You can also use an image from your media library if you have already loaded that picture at some point since images you add save in the media section.

Some wordpress themes offer a theme options page that allows you to easily change things like your logo, colors, fonts, layouts or as mentioned above enable an image slider. These options do vary from theme to theme so I recommend checking them out. To access your theme options go to your admin area then go to appearance heading and see if any of the sub links for appearance contains the word option – for example theme options or frontier options or something along those lines which you can select. You will now see the easy set options available for your theme and customize as you like by following the instructions on screen. There are plenty more WordPress Help Articles Now Available on our website.

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