Women Ab Workouts – Three Things You Must Know

Womens Ab Workouts – 3 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

One question that I have contemplated a lot lately is whether women ab workouts can be the same as men. I have looked at several popular exercise programs sponsored by some of the most well known fitness experts.  My opinion is that while they are similar, there are some differences, but the end result is always the same.  Great looking abs on a better looking body.

But ladies, have you looked for effective women’s ab workouts to permanently lose the belly fat that makes you want to hide your body under oversized clothes?  It may be a fact that our body shape may be somewhat genetic, but most of our bodies will respond to a program of diet and exercise to help us achieve the body we want people to look at.  There are three things I believe we need to consider.

The first thing is that all the gizmos and diet supplements that are supposed to work wonders with your body will have little effect without some personal effort.  Great looking abs and a better looking body comes with exercise and a reasonable diet that addresses the whole body.  The abs are an important part of looking good and ab exercises that work should be vigorous and only a part of your overall fitness program.  

The second thing you should do is to eat to increase the metabolism to a higher level.  Yes, I said eat.  What I mean by that is that you should eat several smaller meals during the day to keep your metabolism at a higher rate.  Make your snacks consist of baby carrots, sweet potato slices or similar crunchy veggies.  I have been called a “grazer” because I eat four to six small meals or snacks every day.  Grazers will not feel hungry even though your total caloric intake is less and you will have more energy because your metabolism is higher.  Higher metabolism equals more fat burned by the body resulting in a total weight loss.

The last thing is to find or develop an exercise program that includes ab workouts and cardio exercise as part of the overall package.  Targeting the large muscles and working consistently will caus a significant weight loss and better looking abs will be part of the total look.

I suppose I should address a concern that many women have expressed many times over the years.  The “I don’t want to become muscle-bound” idea.  Believe me, you will not build up a lot of muscles or become muscle bound unless you want to.  The reason that you appear to be building muscles is that the layer of fat that covered your body is reducing and your muscle definition is more apparent.  Exercise will strengthen and define your muscles, not make them bigger.

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