Winning Resume-how Do You Write One?

Winning resume-How do you write one?

The first contact between you and a prospective employer is your curriculum vitae or what we call a resume. When they pick your resume from a bunch of many others, there is usually a 5-30 second window of opportunity that you will be invited for an interview. Thus, it is of paramount importance to write a professional resume which should easily sell you to your future employers. The problem with this, is that, the majority of job- seekers don’t have a clue as to how to write one. They end up loosing on any window of opportunity that may arise.

When it comes to writing resumes, there is only one way to do so. Studies and experience have proved that there is only one way to write a winning resume. This correct and the only right way is easier, time saving and more likely to land you your dream job. Below are a few tips on the correct way to write a resume.

o Honesty.

It does not pay to lie on your resume, yes, it may get you to the interview stage but you won’t get the job. The benefits of lying are short-term, you will get caught once your prospective employer runs a thorough check on your background and on your references. Never exaggerate your abilities on a resume, it will simply work against you once you get the job. You won’t be able to perform, so be frank on your abilities and only put down on what you satisfactorily perform.

o It should be professionally done.

Don’t write your nick name as your real name or if you have a fancy email don’t put it down, it will simply turn off any potential employer hence losing a prospective job. Your fancy email or your comical nickname maybe funny to your friends but they will never give you a job.

o Include everything on your resume.

Write out everything you have ever accomplished career-wise on your resume. If your work experience is twenty years, include it but summarize the whole resume to one or two pages. A two paged resume is the most acceptable.

o Your resume should follow the correct order.

The resume should always start with its name, your Name and address, Object, Summary, Work experience, Education, Skills, Affiliation and certifications. This sequence should never be charged for whatever reason.

§ Write down your address and real name. It should never appear or be placed in the header or footer of your resume.

§ The object on your resume should be four or fewer words. The object of your interest is the job you are trying to get and should not be anything else. If it is a marketing manager’s job, the object should be “Marketing manager’s job.”

§ Your professional work experience should be listed in reverse chronological order and you should account for any significant period of unemployment. Any career accomplishments should be supported.

§ When it comes to education, all that is needed is the highest levels reached.

o Simplify the resume and don’t use tables when formatting it.

Always use clear and easy to read fonts when writing your resume. This makes your curriculum vitae more appealing and professional. The more complicated the font is, the higher the chances of your potential employer losing interest on your resume. The use of tables will simply put off a potential employer, so don’t use them at all.


The resume should never exceed two pages, rather it should always be one or two paged document. If you have more materials to write down, simply summarize them to two pages.

And they say it is hard and complicated to write a resume, oh no, it is not! Simply use the above tips when designing and writing your resume, and, I can assure you success on your job-hunting endeavors.

By Freddy Ngiam, Founder & CEO, – a job portal in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA.

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