Winged Eyeliner Makeup Trend or The Cat- Eye Look

Strong eyeliner, defined eyebrows and some hot red lips are the main items of the makeup trends.

To get the winged eyeliner look, or the so called batwings, you don’t need to be an expert. It is such a versatile style that matches all face shapes and all eye shapes. Just find the one that suits you and start enjoying the vintage look!

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 The winged eyeliner got really popular once again when Amy Winehouse got in the music industry. She sports the batwings each time she appears in public, and it just got her signature style. Starting from the classic cat-eye look, Amy got some thicker lines and made the winged eyeliner makeup look edgy and stylish.

 Another winged eyeliner style would be the glamorous one, that Dita Von Tesse made popular. It is the most glamorous from all the eyeliner shapes that can be made, but it needs more skills and time to get it perfect. This winged eyeliner makeup is perfect for any occasion, starting from everyday use, till the red carpet, it just looks fabulous each time. It is a perfectly shaped cat- eye look, the eyes being marked with a pencil eye liner first to make sure the liquid will cover the perfect areas without getting smudged. It is a classic, old- school eye makeup that makes the most glamorous and feminine looks.

 The batwings can also be created with the smoky eye makeup. Without using an eyeliner, just make an elongated style at the outer corner of the eye with a smooth brush touch. It will be hot and sexy, being the best mix for a cat-eye look ever. In this case, remember to keep the lips natural, to avoid an overdone makeup.

 You can also use colored eyeliner styles, because we all know there are no barriers in colors either. It provides a fresh summer look, that can be easily worn in the most sunny days without having an overdone makeup. Easy to make, just apply the eyeliner and use plenty of mascara. Leave the lips natural and your fresh look is ready. Use bright colors like blue, green or purple, whichever color matches your swimming suit. Make sure the products you are using are waterproof even if you won’t be getting into the water. This way, you’ll avoid getting a mudged makeup because of the summer heat.

 It is really simple to wear, just make sure you know what style suits your eye shape. You can use a pencil eyeliner to make sure you won’t make a smudge effect, and than apply a liquid eyeliner to get the polished look. You can create effects by making the line thicker in the middle, so that your eyes will look wider and almond shaped, go classic by starting from a thin line and going thicker toward the ends, or just stay at the rock chick style that Amy adopted by accentuating the “wings”.

For an even more extreme look, you can use fake eyelashes to emphasize the look and plenty of mascara.

 Many celebrities opt for this eye makeup, because it matches any outfit and creates the most attractive look at any occasion. Celebrities who mastered this makeup are: Kate Moss, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie and many others.

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