Why Your FICO Score Is Important

Your FICO score is crucial information you need before applying for a loan. It can determine your loan interest rates, not to mention apporval. Your FICO socre is different from your regular credit scores. Other sets of rules and algorithms are used compared to a regular credit score to attain your FICO score. A FICO score is used by many loaners to gauge your creditworthiness. it’s seen as your true financial report card. So it’s very important to obtain your FICO score before you apply for a loan. Credit bureaus, such as the three better ones, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion all accumulate your data from your banking companies, loans and savings data, finance and credit unions regarding your credit track record. Each bureau may have different data about your credit worthiness and hence an integrated extensive report makes great sense. This is basically what makes up your credit report. You can obtain your credit report for free from all 3 credit bureaus once an year. If you want to s ee it more than once an year, it’ll cost a little. There’s even offers from credit monitoring services that offer it for a free trial. Unfortunately it’s very rare to find a free FICO score offer. Mosr credit bureaus want you to pay for your credit score. Same with a FICO score.

There are several ways to help improve your credit score. This would be to clean up your credit report. Your credit score, inlcuding your FICO score, is a numeric representation of ywhat’s on your credit files. There’s plenty of online resources that offer tips for fixing your credit score. The first advice usually given is to pay down your balances. But it’s also about getting the errors deleted from your files. Also you can get some of the old data that’s several years old deleted from your files. There are credit repair services that charge an arm and a leg, but the most effective way to fix your credit is by doing this yourself. Not to mention it’s free if you do it yourself.

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