Why the ab king pro sucks

We’ve all seen the ab king pro advertised on late-night television it promises that anybody who uses it will lose weight and get six pack abs! Well, it doesn’t work. Yes, I have tried it and it did work for a week, but after that, it stops giving you the results you want.

The reason for this is simple, you see, if you want six pack abs, then you have to vary the exercises you do. Now, using the ab king pro, all you’re doing is going up and down, up and down. There is no variation to the workout.

“but you can change positions and work your obliques”

Yes, you can lie on your side, so that the works your oblique muscles, however, you are still only going up and down, up and down. The reason this is bad is simple, it’s because the body, in particular, the abdominal muscles, quickly get used to that motion, so in the first few days, you feel that deep burn (which you want) however, after a few weeks as your body gets used to it, you won’t feel the effects.

The reason the people on the ads have gotten those results is because the didn’t just use the ab king pro, instead they varied the exercises they did (which you are not shown in the advertisement). Needless to mention, they have sold so many because of their massive advertising campaign.

Quite simply put, the ab king pro does not work. If you want six pack abs and are thinking of buying an ab king pro – please don’t! It’s a waste of time and more importantly money. There are better ways that you get six pack abs that actually work. These methods don’t involve using some over advertised six pack ab machine such as the ab king pro.

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