Why the Aaa Life Insurance Company?


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No doubt you will have heard of the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous); but, you may not have heard or have previously known about the AAA, the American Automobile Association.  The organization is a century old after launching in 1902 to provide insurance services not only to people who want to be covered when they go traveling around the country, but also when Americans are thinking of traveling abroad. Many years after its formation, the company decided that they wanted to venture out of just offering travel insurance policies to their customers and decided to offer life insurance coverage as they had such a distinctive and well-established credit rating that meant they were more stable than many other organizations offering similar products and services at the same point in time. If we were looking at the company from a strategy point of view, from formation until present day, then we would most certainly understand that they have come a long way since initial inception.

Is the AAA Life Insurance Company For You?

Like most people, heck probably everyone, your life will be unpredictable, and you will never know when the worst could happen, at anytime and it is most likely going to happen to you when you least expect it to. If you have something really bad happen in your life, then you will be safe in the knowledge that an insurance company such as AAA will be able to guide you on the road to recovery and enable you to build upon your current situation.

You shouldn’t mistaken this for a ‘praise the great company’, as, after all, this is an organization who trade and provide insurance policies to people – they may be an insurance company, but one with a difference to the rest of them out there. The customer service agents that you talk to and communicate with understand and continue on the theory of both the customer and company being in win-win situations, meaning that establishing a partnership between the two and building on this will bring about a better relationship, rather than adopting an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality that so many other firms do.  This philosophy and ethos has helped the company become established over time and become well known for its caring attitude.

There are also other benefits from becoming a customer with AAA, you will receive information on competitive products and services that they are offering, and usually many other companies reserve these for new customer that are not currently with them.  I am sure you find this really frustrating and AAA understand this, so they have implemented a care culture which allows offers to be directed to current holders to ensure that they are offering and providing a tailor made package that suits all of your needs as an individual buyer.

Being Covered by AAA Life Insurance

You should be assured that AAA will ensure you are fully satisfied with their service and product, through advising you before they ask you to purchase anything from them – you won’t be charged any fees and nothing will be processed until you agree that it is the right decisions and policy for you; there is no pressure. The organization isn’t just one company on its own, but is made up from 5 other subsidiaries that all form together to offer an insurance organization that can pretty much outsmart many others.

Many Americans, well some 44 million of us, believe that the organization is worthy of our investment and that their service levels are good enough for us to buy products and services from them. In 2006, they were rated as the best insurance company of the year, which was mainly down to the long term strategic focus that the company has taken since its inception. So, if you are looking for an insurance policy, no matter what field it may be in, then you should consider AAA as a probable choice as they do have really great customer service that beats many others.


Source by Nick Sanders