Why Should I Choose Forensic Accounting As My Career?

Forensic Accounting combines the skills of accounting, auditing, and investigating to examine and interpret business and financial evidence and to present the evidence in Court, if needed. It is a fast growing and popular field. Due to the high profile and demand in this job, it is an area worth pursuing. Advantages of getting a degree in this field include:

1) Excitement, Mystery, and Conspiracy – If you think accounting is all about numbers crunching, this field proves you wrong. It is an exciting and challenging, yet at times, depressing and susceptible. If you find office works are routine and boring, this is the job for you.

2) High Salary – Most forensic accountants start their career with five figures salary and can range up to six figures salary depending on your education, skills and experience.

3) High Tech Technology – You will have the opportunity to try on the latest technology, equipments, software and many more as these are the important tools to assist your job.

4) Bright Prospects – Demand in forensic accountant increase every year as more frauds and capital crime cases evolve in the market. You will have many job opportunities once graduated and after developing the required skills and experience, you will be able to demand higher pay and get hunted by established companies worldwide.

5) Job Satisfaction – Though this job may require you to work round the clock but you will obtain the job satisfaction where routine type of jobs cannot offer to you. You are seen as a very important individual to help to discover the wrong-doings.

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