Why Is It Safe to Hypnotize Kids?

Naturally, any parent would want to be fully aware and have an understanding of all the processes involved if they were going to allow their kids to undertake any form of hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Parents focus on protecting their children. That is the innate driver for most parents in the animal kingdom – protect your offspring. Humans are no different.

Yet we hear today so much in the media about hypnosis, hypnotism, hypnotherapy, neuroscience and other related talk therapies. Yet still, and rightly so, parents are uncertain about using hypnotherapy and hypnosis with their children.

But it can be safe to hypnotize kids. You just need to know some of the critical steps that make it safe.

1. Firstly, if you are using a hypnotherapist, get references from previous clients. Obtain valid and reliable references from previous clients who have had their child treated. It is critical you speak to them, don’t just take the therapists word for it.

2. Secondly, ask, inquire and be diligent in understanding the training, education and ongoing professional development of your proposed therapist. Many therapists, in many countries can call themselves a hypnotist or hypnotherapist without any form of regulation of qualification. Dealing with children is a specialized area. You must ensure they know what they are doing and are trained to do so.

3. Thirdly, sit in on the sessions. Good hypnotherapists will insist you sit in on the session. If they don’t insist, walk away. A child should be able to go into a light hypnotic state easily whether you are in the room or not. The only possible problem with this is if there is some issue in which your presence affects the child’s ability to respond to the hypnotherapist. For example, you may put pressure on your child to study hard all the time, and your child has low self – esteem. If this is the case, your therapist should identify the conflict and communicate with you separately about the issue. If the therapist believes the child will respond better if you are not present in the session, as someone else the child trusts to sit in on the session. It is not that hypnotherapists are bad. It is just that it is not appropriate to leave a child alone under therapy with a stranger. That is why all professional hypnotherapists will insist an adult is present. They should also ask your permission to record the session. This is normal and is important for their professional integrity.

Hypnotherapy, whether for a child or an adult, is designed to help someone to move forward. They may have bad habits, phobias, significant past events or other issues that have become locked in their mind. Hypnotherapy is a valid and reliable tool to help with these issues.

Sometimes we all get stuck in thinking patterns that aren’t helpful and that cause us grief. Children are no different. In fact, undergoing “good” hypnotherapy helps children learn good ways to think. It helps them learn how to undo and delete negative thoughts. It builds self-esteem and helps them develop into successful adults.

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