Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

A lot of paper works and processes should be done before you even start negotiating with the insurance company for an insurance claim. The good news is, several Atlanta public adjusters can help you avoid having to deal with the hassle, and they can give you hope in getting more money from insurance companies. That is one main reason why many homeowners who experience certain disasters when it comes to their homes and properties hire a professional public adjuster so they can feel easy when dealing with these tedious things.


In a nutshell, a public adjuster is an insurance claims specialist who carefully interprets the homeowner’s policy, assesses the damages incurred and approximates, in the best possible way, the overall cost to repair. With these information in hand, the public adjuster then negotiates with the insurance company on behalf of the homeowner until the claim is fully settled. These public adjusters are professionals in their field. They act solely in behalf of the homeowner and no one else. They are different from adjusters hired by insurance companies. The adjusters hired by the insurance companies are those who assess the damages in lieu of the insurance companies. Hired public adjusters get their compensation from the pockets of the homeowners, because they negotiate on the percentage amount depending on the settled claim.


The general rule of thumb is if the estimate losses is $10,000 or more, it is time to hire a professional public adjuster. Some adjusters who are hired by insurance companies do not really know how to properly assess the losses to your claim. If you are lucky, you get an adjuster sent by the insurance company with at least 30 years of experience to help you with your claim. It is always safe to get your own public adjuster. They will make sure that what you get is what you fully deserve; what is just and fair. There are numerous competent public adjusters in Atlanta, GA who can be of service whenever you need professional assistance. You just have to know whom to call.


Some public adjusters are found in the NAPIA (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters) website. This organization has a detailed process and requires members to be licensed and to have been in practice for at least two years to become members. But these things do not guarantee that the licensed public adjuster is good at what he or she does. It is smart to check online for more information like reviews and testimonials from clients. There are also some ways that you can verify that your public adjuster is good. By checking the state department for lawsuits filed against your public adjuster, you will know if he or she is someone you can trust or not. In addition, talking to some of their clients will be very helpful. Clients will be honest with you, more often than not, because they want to share good or bad experiences they had with a certain adjuster.


Since Atlanta public adjusters will assess your losses and help you get every dollar you deserve from insurance companies, they will make sure that they do the best assessment for you. But do not expect that they will always get their way. Understand that insurance companies will not agree with everything you want just because you hired a public adjuster.


The best time to hire a public adjuster is before you process or have the insurance company assess the loss. It is common knowledge that hiring a public adjuster when you’ve started processing and negotiating the claim will only slow the process down. Some homeowners only hire public adjusters if they start getting problems. This will only add another one to two months before getting the claim resolved.


According to bankrate.com, a study conducted in Florida which analyzed claims of one insurance company in 2008 and 2009 shows policyholders who hired public adjusters generally received higher settlements than those who didn’t hire public adjusters. According to the study, the typical settlement to those who had the help of a public adjuster was about $22,266, compared to $18,659 for those who did not seek professional assistance.


In conclusion, when you hire expert public adjusters in Atlanta GA, make sure that he or she has the credentials and experience in adjusting claims. They are important in assessing situations to suit your advantage.

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