Why Go for a Mock Interview?

The major reason for attending a mock interview is, to prepare you for the important up-coming job interview awaiting you. This is also what is also known as Mock Interview Module. Most career agencies offer this service for a small fee. They will put you through a mock real like interview by asking you a series of interview questions, just like you would find in a real interview. After the mock, the agency consultants will give a feedback as to how you faired in the mock, this will include your interview performance and the various ways on how to improve your performance. These mock interviews, will mostly last in an hours time, this includes the feedbacks time. The majority of the agencies conducts them on the telephone hence there will be no need to travel. This in turn, will greatly reduce the job-seekers over-all expenses at the same time ensuring their success in the forth-coming job interview.

The major advantage of taking part in these exercises is that after the mock interview, the consulting agency will prepare a short report for you which highlight all areas of relevance, including tips on how you can improve your general interview performance. This makes it easy for you to land your dream job after the real interview. The staffs employed by the agencies are highly qualified and experienced in interviewing techniques. They mostly come from recruitment and human resources backgrounds hence they have vast knowledge about what is expected in an interview room being that, they themselves have been HR managers, recruitment consultants or Line Managers.

It is always a good habit to update your resume- most recruitment agencies require it in order to assist their consultants to prepare the most appropriate mock interview for you. Anyway, a mock interview is a great tool which aids your job seeking task to be successive.

By Freddy Ngiam, Founder & CEO http://www.JobSupermart.com- a job portal in Singapore, Hong Kong & USA.

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