Why Experimental Learning is must for childrens ?

Not only text books helps to improvise childrens knowledge. 

Nowadays it is essential for the students to learn more beyond their text books and know the way to practically apply the things that they learn in the real life. In this situation, it is necessary for the educational institutions to add experiential learning in their curriculum. In simple terms experiential learning can be stated as experience based learning, creation of knowledge by transforming experience and it is about application knowledge.

Experiential learning cycle involves:-

* Concrete experience

* Reflective observation

* Abstract conceptualization

* Active experimentation

Experiential learning will help the students to know their area of interest as they are able to learn what they do. Schools have to teach problem solving skills to the students and ways to handle real life situations from young age itself. Teachers and parents have to encourage the students to find different solutions for specific problems. As experience teaches more than anything, students will be able to know their strength and weakness.

Teachers need to make the students what they learn by exhibiting real time examples. Students have to be given different roles and tasks which will enable them to develop their skills. Teachers has to have a good relationship with the students, guide them, listen to what the students says and help them in making decisions.

In this learning, students also must be cooperative to achieve the real goal. Students have to actively take part in the experience based learning. They must have the ability to reflect on the experience, use analytical skills to conceptualize the experience, have decision making and problem solving skills. This will enable them to gain knowledge from the experience.

Make use of experiential learning inorder to enable the students to handle the real life situations with confidence and enhance their knowledge.


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