Why Do Men Leave and Come Back? The Answer to This Relationship Question

Why do men leave and come back? Sadly, many women have to ask this question at some point during their relationship. The man they love dumps them only to return a few weeks or months later begging forgiveness and asking for a second chance. In the majority of those cases, the entire cycle is repeated repeatedly and each and every time the woman takes back the man who broke her heart. So why do men do this?

One answer to the question of why do men leave and come back is because we allow them to. During the course of your relationship, your actions are sending a very loud and clear message to your boyfriend. That message is in fact louder than anything you may say to him.

When he tells you that he doesn’t love you anymore and it’s over, you’re heartbroken. You know the feeling all too well. You spend a lot of timing replaying what went wrong and in time you slowly learn how to get over it and move on. Just as that healing begins to take place, he’s back, on bended knee begging you to take him back. You do. That one act alone negates anything you say to him. Even if you tell him point blank that this is the last time and you can’t be hurt again, the fact that you took him back suggests otherwise.

Men follow this behavior pattern because they get easily bored in relationships. If someone else catches their eye, and they’re feeling fickle, they’ll dump you. In the back of his mind he sees you as a back up so he knows that if things don’t work out for him, he can turn on the charm, start the tears and you’ll take him back.

Even the most well intentioned men will fall prey to this type of behavior if their girlfriend is allowing it. If you feel lost and alone when you’re not with him, you’ll tend to look past his erratic behavior when he come back around claiming he’s made a huge mistake.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that if a man does this once, he’s very likely to do it again. He knows how much you value him and he’ll use that to his advantage. Unless you’re okay with having your heartbroken on a regular basis, put your foot down and make it known that you’re not going to sit idly by anymore waiting for him to come back. Let your pride and self worth guide you when your man leaves and comes back over and over again.

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