Why clean the temporary files on your computer?

Ordinary home users often do not realize that over time hard drive of their computer more and more clogged with temporary files. Although the separately taken a temporary file is usually small in size, a great number of them can take a lot of disk space. Just the Temp folder can hold gigabytes of disk space. If you are not a specialist in working with a computer, you’d better not take the risk, making it by hand and clean up temporary files using any program specifically designed for this purpose, for example, Manyprog PC Cleaner. This utility finds all temporary files on the hard disk and prompts you to select those that you want to remove. In addition, the automatic search and delete temporary files much more efficiently cleaning them by hand.

What are temporary files? Usually, when it comes to temporary files, meant the Temp folder contents, but in fact, it does not suck so. The contents of this folder is only a small part of the huge number of temporary files that are scattered on the hard drive of your computer. Files of this type are formed under many conditions, for example, by installing software, as well as during their operation. Temporary files are also formed in the process of fukntsionirovaniya operating system.

As the name implies, temporary files are not forever. At the end of the program, they must be removed. The same should happen when a program is correct way is removed from the PC. But often this is not done, and temporary files for some reason, are not deleted automatically by the system, always staying on the PC hard drive. In particular, often temporary files accumulate after abruptly turns off the PC power supply with incorrect shutdown your PC.

Extension of temporary files is not only .tmp, such extensions are quite a few, but all of the temporary files in common is that they are not needed and only take up space on your hard drive. As mentioned above, the hard disk clean up temporary files are best left to a special program. But, if an urgent need to release at least some space on the system drive, and utilities to clean the hand is not, it is possible to clean the Temp folder manually. Its location depends on your operating system version. Most importantly, remember that the folder to delete in any case impossible, and you can only clear its contents.

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