Who Is Mike Geary?

Mike Geary is the author of the bestselling e-book called “The Truth About Abs.” In a recent interview, he talks about his fascination with techniques on how to build washboard abs. This was a common dilemma for all his clients during his stint as a personal trainer. All of his clients were on a journey to eliminate bulging fats. He then decided to research best practices in order to achieve six packs and then compiled them and is now enjoyed by thousands of users worldwide.

Again, who is Mike Geary? Well, for the 263,000 happy users in 154 different countries, he is the bearer of the answer to their prayers. Most people spend so much time and money on fitness programs that simply do not yield the desired or promised results. Whereas Mike Geary’s main strategy is as they say, very easy to follow. Here are a few tips from The Truth About Abs:

1. Eat fat burning food. He gives you a list of top 10 options that really make a difference when it comes to shedding calories and inches of off your belly. These include oatmeal, almonds, asparagus and apples.

2. Do not over exercise your abs. When you already have a big layer of fat on your tummy, it is difficult to tone the muscles hiding underneath. He believes that the stomach should be a little bit leaner by means of dieting before you embark on heavy ab workout. Plus, you might break your backs should you do too much.

3. Do not buy abdominal equipment. He claims to have fallen for the infomercials, too. At one point in time, he had purchased almost all the products that advertised total change in just a few days. These items do not really work as much as they say they do. Proper diet and exercise would still be the best route to go.

4. Lay low on the cardio. As intense workout programs are being promoted everywhere, Mike advices against doing too much cardio exercise. Contrary to what other fitness campaigns have launched, Mike tells you that exerting too much effort will cause your muscles to be immune after some time.

5. Do not take slimming pills. All though it is understandable why some would consider this an option, he believes that taking them will only cause you more harm than good. There are also side effects to using these products.

Over-all reviews about the Truth About Abs program are on the positive side of things. Anyone who is out there searching for the answer to having Baywatch- flat abdominals, knows who is Mike Geary. Testimonials about how fast the inches were shred, and how they stayed fit just by following his book, are abundant on the internet. There are even before and after pictures, and most of them can also attest to how easy his recommended exercise program is. Should you buy a Truth About Abs system, you will also receive an audio cd that stimulates your brain to embark on this program, a nutritional guide and a compilation of the best workouts you can do to attain your goal.

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