Who Do You Want to Play For? Violin Players Read On

Whether you desire to play for violin lovers or violin novices, you should certainly make it a goal to play for an audience of some sort. You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t even have to be great. You can use whatever talent and ability you have and take it from there. Anyone you invite can enjoy a well planned evening and you can be the star of the night.

Consider inviting people over and play for violin novices. This takes some serious pressure off, since they won’t be critiquing you! If you need an occasion, invent one. Simply invite folks you know over for wine, munchies, martinis; whatever suits your taste. State in the invitation you’ll be performing and that you look forward to their attendance. It’s as simple as that. I can guarantee everyone will be proud and excited for you and will do their best to attend. We have many more Learn the Violin Articles Now Available.

You can try to play for violin lovers and those that play themselves. This of course requires a little more confidence, but you have to do it sometime now don’t you? The other side of the coin is that those that share your passion for playing will also share your first time ‘nerves’ and they will definitely support a fellow musician. You never know who you’ll impress or what it may lead to, so take the risk and see if you can’t enjoy some rewards beyond entertaining fellow violinists. Now, no matter the audience, a word about practicing and preparation is in order. I’ll keep it brief and basic and simply say that you need to have the best performance ever and you can achieve this by practicing.

Take the time and invest some of your efforts into keeping your skills sharp and everything else will take care of itself. We have many more Learn the Violin Articles Now Available.