Who are the Top Life Insurance Companies?


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Similar to many other industries that are offering services and products, there are many different life insurance companies, in fact many thousands, who can offer you a product or service that will suit the needs that you have, should you be looking for life insurance cover. One organization will not doubt run very differently than the next, but they will all offer the two types of different policies that are offered in the market. The two basic policies that are on offer in the industry to consumers are term and whole – each having their individual pros and cons and offering policy holders different features and guarantees – should you be looking at the differences between these two, then you should be able to find such information on any of the top five industry leaders, who are named below.

Similar to other large organizations in other sectors and service industries, the top five insurance firms have teams of highly qualified and trained customer service agents who are knowledgeable about the products and services on offer and will help you become more informed about such offerings, as well as help you through the buying process of such policies. When you communicate with them, they should be able to answer any questions or queries that you have, should you be a current policy holder, or one that is wanting to join them. However, on many occasions, and as such has become a bad feeling towards larger organizations, many do not understand the importance of delivering great customer service to you and so will generally lose a lot of business through others who know how to treat their customers.  The others that provide excellent customer service and interest in customers and the industry will succeed as a life insurance organization and will grow to be one of the industry leaders, to be recognized and regarded highly by others. Here is a list of the top 5 life insurance companies:

* ARP Life Insurance
* Primerica Life Insurance Company
* Prudential Life Insurance
* New York Life Insurance
* California Life Insurance

Where Are They Located?

As mentioned previously, there are thousands of life insurance companies throughout the whole of America. You will find these firms located anywhere and everywhere, so long as there is a town big enough to warrant them being there.  You will probably not be able to go about your daily life without seeing an advert on a bus or on the tv – they regard their business as competitive and to be honest the amount that the industry is worth I am not surprised. Many have therefore chosen to opt for a more online base to attract, retain and inform people about their company, insurance policies and services, as well as reducing costs that are associated with so many brick and mortar companies throughout America. Some of these organizations who have considered this move to be a little too quick and not in their interests have paid the price, and thus do not appear in the five companies above – something that some have been regretting ever since.

If you are not really a person who goes onto a computer, let alone the Internet, then you will most likely want to buy from an organization via the phone or in person.  You will be able to look through your phone book for a local insurance firm and you should also speak to colleagues and friends, enquiring which one that they have chosen and why. Additionally, if you are able to use the Internet, then more directories and search pages are becoming increasingly accessible via an Internet browser when you load up a web page; generally, you will find an up-to-date set of address and contact details for the companies that you select. However, you should keep ion mind that whilst you will want to find a policy with the best value for money, keeping your costs low, you shouldn’t sacrifice this with poor customer service experience.


Source by Ray Devine