Which Top Recommended Anti Aging Face Lotion Or Cream Should You Buy?

It’s unbelievable, how many skin creams and lotions there are available in the shops and on the Internet. How are you supposed to figure out which top recommended anti aging face lotion or cream you should buy?

I don’t know about you, but to my way thinking there are 6 main issues you need to think about before making a buying decision.


1. Advertising… is such a big part of our everyday life — we are influenced by it and we don’t even realize it. However that said, do you really think these famous people actually use the products they advertise… or are they just in it for the money.

2. Money… we all have money issues, most of us can’t afford to buy the expensive stuff that is supposed to be better because it’s expensive. But keep this in mind 9 out of 10 expensive skin creams are no better and often worse for your skin than a good quality reasonably priced anti aging cream.

A really good natural anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream must be readily available and affordable so the average wage earners and consumer can afford to use it on an on-going basis.

3. Safety… Do you really know about the chemical and synthetic substances you are putting on your face right now? Are these petroleum-based products safe to use on sensitive facial tissues — are they likely to have a long term detrimental affect or damage your complexion in the future. The so-called experts are divided in their opinion, do any of them really know the long term affect — and do you value any of their opinions.

4. Effectiveness… What makes an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skin cream or moisturizer effective? It can only be the ingredients because that’s the only thing in them. What makes one more effect than another is the type of ingredients and the active percentage of it?

5. Ingredients… Which should you look for in a top recommended anti aging face lotion or cream — natural or chemical/synthetic? Personally I prefer a natural one for 2 reasons. Firstly I know it will be safe! If you use substances that you can eat — you know they won’t hurt you even if they penetrate deeply into your tissue cells.

Secondly natural substances are more effective than synthetic ones that have been created. You don’t ever see them create a better synthetic version of avocado or grapeseed oil, which are commonly used in good quality face creams for example.

6. Satisfaction… In the end it all comes down are you satisfied. Finding an anti aging face lotion that is good value for money, has safe and effective ingredients and you feel satisfied after buying and using it.Make no mistake about it, there is a line of top recommended anti aging face lotion and creams that is manufactured in New Zealand that can only be purchased on the Internet called Xtendlife that meets all of the above criteria. If your interested to find out more about this range of creams that I found after extensive research and now use everyday, visit my website below.

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