Where to Stay on Your Jamaica Vacation

A Jamaica vacation offers you a ticket to see a world of lush rain forests, savannah-like plains, and antediluvian mountains that spring from volcanoes and tumble into a sparkling sapphire sea. Then, you can stay in town, tap your feet and fingers to the lively reggae music as you drink in the unique culture and friendly people of Jamaica.

Close your eyes. You are walking through a magnificent lobby out into a waterfront village and borders the pristine emerald waters and powdery white sands of the beach. Now, open your eyes. If you are talking about the Caribbean, welcome to a luxury accommodation. We have many More Jamaica Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

When you plan your next trip to the tropical island of Jamaica, make sure that your accommodations offer you the experience of the leading Jamaica resorts. A resort provides everything you are looking in a complete getaway so that you don’t have to worry about little details like food, entertainment, access to the beach and so on. Consider this picture. Jamaica resorts are highly rated by noted travel reviewers and authorities. You can be confident that you are getting the best for your money when you stay at a resort that is rated either 5 Star or 4 Star.

For a scenic diversion, consider the northern coast of Trelawny, where Grand Lido Braco Resort and Spa is graded a 5 Star resort. If you want to indulge in Jamaica’s rich heritage and the the charm of vintage Caribbean, stay here. The resort is the very first one to offer an inclusive visitor community complete with gingerbread architecture and town square. Dining experiences are plentiful in Piacere, La Pasta, Nanny’s Jerk Pit, Victoria Market and Munasan. Each restaurant provides a specialized cuisine prepared by executive chefs.

Jamaica hotels offer conveniently located lodging, guest amenities and even breathtaking views of the ocean front and city life that is unique to the island. Where you stay is often more important than the food you eat, the people you meet or the sites you see. Your hotel is both a launching pad to view Jamaica’s assortment of international traditions and customs, as well as a respite after a long day’s activity. If you want to experience the glamour of Jamaican hospitality stay at the Royal Plantation. As a member of The Leading Small Hotels of the World the Plantation exudes a high level of romance and luxury. The intimate ambience and superior service of the hotel blend together with a glorious décor and fine a la carte make your evening times special with your loved ones. The hotel offers seventy-four suites with direct ocean views snuggled between two pristine beaches.

Jamaica villas offer an excellent option for lodging. Just what is a villa? Let me explain. A villa is an upper class country home, designed for luxurious living. Some villas are located on the beach and the rest dot the mountainsides with scenic views. You can save money when you rent a villa directly from the owner and avoid commissions. There are numerous villas in Jamaica that you can choose from, vary in price, size and amenities.

Wag Water offers three-bedroom villas with pleasing views that overlook the sea and form part of the historic Prospect Estate. The villas are equipped with a spacious living room air conditioning and private bathroom. Modern amenities include a telephone CD stereo system and satellite TV. A large covered veranda has plenty of space for lounging and dining giving you the choice of outdoor and indoor living.

Exquisite amenities, scenic views and delightful accommodations. The next time you plan your Jamaica vacation, stay in a lavish villa, hotel or resort so that you can share the experience with your friends back home. We have many More Jamaica Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.