When a Bent Penis Results From a Penis Injury

It’s not for nothing that men tend to take pride in their penis and like for it to look its best, especially when there is sexual interest in his particular piece of manly equipment. That’s one reason why a severely bent penis can sometimes create an issue for men that goes beyond the physical mechanics of how the bend may affect actual sexual activity. Men who pay careful attention to their penis care may still not be able to prevent a penis injury, which may contribute to the development of a bent penis.

Sometimes it’s normal

It’s very important to emphasize that some curvature of the penis is entirely normal. Although some men present a penis that is perfectly straight, many others sport a penis that may curve somewhat to either side of up or down when erect. This is not unusual and in no way detracts from the physical functioning of the penis or from its aesthetic beauty; indeed, many partners prefer a penis that has some curvature to its shape.

However, for the purposes of this article, a bent penis is one that is curved to a degree that is atypical and causes some issues for its owner. And because this article is discussing a bent penis that is the result of a penis injury, it assumes that prior to said injury, the penis was noticeably straighter.


In some cases, the severity of the degree of curvature may be a matter of context and perception. For example, a man may for years have had a very straight penis yet after an injury develops a slight curve to it. To another person, the curvature may not be anything to remark upon, but because it is different than what the owner is used to, it may seem to him to be something of great concern. And this concern may create tension and anxiety, which may impact his happiness, self-esteem and even sexual performance. So even if the curvature may seem slight, it can make a difference to some men.

Why does it bend?

So why does a penis injury sometimes result in a bent penis? Basically, when the penis experiences some trauma – and this could come from numerous sources, such as an injury during sexual activity or from a baseball being batted into the crotch during a game – the penis undergoes a healing process. Part of that process is the development of scar tissue in the affected area.

If the penis injury is truly significant, that one incident alone could result in some curvature. More often, however, bending occurs from repeated smaller injuries, many of which may cause some slight pain but don’t register with a man as being significant. In these instances, the scar tissue builds up over and over again.

The problem is that skin and tissue in regions with significant scar tissue don’t stretch the way they do in unaffected areas. Thus, when a man becomes aroused and blood engorges the penis, it starts stretching out – but the area with scar tissue stretches only so far, causing the penis to bend during the erectile process.

In severe cases, a doctor may recommend medical or surgical treatment to help eliminate the curvature.

Often, however, a bent penis due to penis injury can benefit from regular use of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Because penile skin is more likely to stretch when it is moist and supple, a crème with natural hydrating agents like vitamin E and Shea butter can increase the likelihood of greater skin elasticity during the erectile process. The best crème will also include acetyl L-carnitine, an amino acid that can help restore penis sensitivity damaged by layers of scar tissue. Keeping the penis in optimal health can help diminish the impact of excess scarring.

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