What You Need to Know About Video Transcription

Have you ever experienced trying to do research about something and having to waste time watching one video after another, keeping your fingers crossed that this time, you’ll get that one particular bit of information that you so needed? Most people have, and one does not have to be an internet researcher to experience this frustration. At times like those, you would wish for most people to engage in video transcription.


In transcribing videos a transcript is created by someone who will watch the video carefully and note every dialogue; and at times, even mere sounds are transcribed. It contains an exact written record of events that has happened in a particular video clip. Time codes are also usually added to let search engines, and subsequently, people, know about the exact portion of a video in which a certain sentence is spoken or a certain event has happened.


Video transcription is used in search engine optimization, in the film-making business, in creating educational tools and as a tool in theater productions. You see, if you transcribe and upload a video transcript, Google and other search engines would know more about your video other than the usual tags and title. This will give you better rankings, as more search engine-optimized content, is, well, more content. Moreover, when people types in a phrase in the search engine bar, and it happens to be part of the transcription, they would be able to directly get to view that portion of the video where the phrase is spoken. Video transcription is also used for creating sub-titles and in educational videos. Stage lighting designers can also take advantage of the time codes because that feature could be used as cues. In addition, in cases of libraries or video libraries, it makes indexing easier because of the detailed content reports. A research would be able to save time scanning the contents instead of actually viewing a video from start to finish.

Video Transcription software

In the past, video transcriptions were created by painstakingly observing the video and making notes on a piece of paper, or on your operating system’s notepad. Video transcription software allows you to view and transcribe in a more efficient manner. You get to do it simultaneously as you do not need to toggle between windows. The efficiency will save you time and allow you to get more work done. It also allows time codes. When you click on these codes, you get to that particular part of the clip. The transcript can be converted to subtitles that are fully customizable. You’ll get to change font, style, location and the color.

Video Transcribers

You will find a number of people who offer video transcription services online. All you have to do is upload a video in Google video. If you want to keep it private, have it unlisted. Forward the URL to the video transcriptionist and they will work on it. You can then upload the transcription file in the ‘Captions and Subtitles’ section of the video sharing site.

Video transcription can be a handy search engine optimization tool. With all the rage about video viral marketing, this could be the way for you to get more exposure, and therefore, higher chances for generating buzz for that video marketing campaign. Find a video transcriber now or use a software to do it yourself and watch how it can improve your SEO rankings.

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