What to see and do In Singapore

Singapore is a verdant and appealing country nestled in the south-east corner of Asia. Its sky-high monumental buildings and iconic landmarks juxtaposed with food & wildlife lend this country a very enchanting look. Modern day tour operators offer a host of holiday packages for the tourists to choose from. Depending on the duration of your trip and your budget, you can easily pick up an affordable vacation package. For someone who is heading for his 1st Singapore tour, here are a few things that he must do there:

i. Kiss the sky at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark: Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is the 200 meter sky-kissing venue nestled over those tall hotels. It offers you a hawk-eye view of the landscape and really makes you feel closer to the sky. We have many more Singapore Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

ii. Try fish pedicure: A fish pedicure is a very exciting and relaxing way of giving some repose to your tired feet. At Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa, you can sink your feet into the fish-infested water where they will nibble obediently and proffer a cleansing effect.

iii. Night safari: Singapore holiday packages also bring you the thrill of the Night Safari. It is a truly exhilarating experience as you get to witness close to 900 beasts in their natural habitats. A special night vision light is used for the tourists so that they can get a clear view of the activities of birds, bats and those menacing monsters. The Night Safari is also your chance of seeing a civet cat.

iv. Go to Jurong Bird Park: No Singapore tour is complete without entering the premise of the famous Jurong Bird Park. This is the place where you can watch, click and even feed hundreds of birds including some rare species. If you have been dying to see a Penguin, then you can fulfill your fantasy in this park that has a special Penguin enclosure. Interestingly, you can also learn and appreciate the art of Braille at this park.

v. Going down the Haji lane: Haji Lane is a treasure house of apparels, electronics, books and all other artifacts that you can think of. From souvenirs to gift items, you can pick up anything in this part of the world and that too at very low prices. Haji Lane is perhaps the number one shopping destination for a shopaholic because of its countless stores, shops and traditional markets. The shop named Soon Lee is one famous store which should definitely be visited.

vi. Dining at Waku Ghin: Waku Ghin is a remarkable place for enjoying a family dinner. The cuisines are multi-faceted and you can lay your hands, teeth and tongue into whatever you fancy. The more remarkable thing about the restaurant is its quirky ambience and some strange food items.

Under the Singapore holiday packages, you can do plenty of other things including visiting the Botanical Gardens and visiting the beaches of Sentosa Island. Friendly locals, rich food, sumptuous food and luxurious hotels give you plenty of reasons to buy a holiday package. We have many more South East Asia Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.