What to Do While on Vacation in Belgium

Belgium really is a truly remarkable county full of friendly and welcoming people who with three official languages still find it easy to converse in English, the 4th unofficial language. It is no wonder that people go there on vacation year after year and many now stay in holiday home rentals.

Belgium is a country full of stunning architecture and quaint cobblestone squares. It has incredible cuisine and superb family run restaurants where each meal eaten tastes better than the last. It is an energetic and carefree country and the overall mood in Belgium is infectious.

Belgium is situated between France and Holland and it is said that the kingdom of Belgium encompasses all the best that Europe has to offer in an area no bigger than Maryland. In order to sample this unique culture holiday home rentals in Belgium make a great starting point for a grand tour of central Europe.

With its unique diversity of cultures and scenery, a self catering apartment rental in Belgium can offer a vacation of much variety and contrasts. Within one day you can take a romantic trip down a canal in Bruges or hunt for diamonds in Antwerp.

For beach lovers you can rent a holiday villa by the sea in Oostende. For those people on vacation in Belgium wanting something more lively, they can rent self catering apartments and frolic in a party atmosphere in Binche.

Some people go on vacation and rent a holiday cottage near to a castle in Namur and spend their vacation looking for antiques at an outdoor market in Liege. We have many More Belgium Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

For those holiday makers looking for more culture, they may rent an apartment and explore an art museum in Brussels.

It is said that holiday home rentals in Belgium appeal to people of all ages. It is an ideal country for a family holiday with many taking a trip to Flanders or Wallonia. Short city breaks are now very popular and the growth of the rental market of holiday apartments in Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges has boosted tourist numbers.

Holiday homes in Belgium now cater for almost every need and requirement in both urban and rural settings. You are almost guaranteed to get a taste of the fascinating cultural heritage of Belgium by staying in a holiday home rental.

By staying in self catering apartment rentals, cottages and other types of self catering holiday home accommodation in Belgium, you will get the perfect opportunity to explore the breathtaking scenery and historical sites. When you select a holiday rental in Belgium, you will discover that you’ll need to return many times in order to get a true feel of this great country.

Spa was the city in Belgium that all other spas got there names from and many tourists go there on vacation. Belgium has more castles per square mile than any other country in the world and many people rent holiday homes in Belgium to explore these fabulous castles.

No person on vacation to Belgium can leave without visiting Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union and many take home with them a box of the world famous Belgium chocolates. We have many More Belgium Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.