What To Do When Your System Get Virus Infection

Computer Viruses can harm software, data stored in computers, and even hardware. Therefore, all computer users hate Viruses, Trojans, and Malwares. To protect their computers from all such incoming threats via Internet, mail attachments, or other removable devices, people use Antivirus software and Firewalls. However, what to do if a computer gets some kind of virus infection even after implementing all protection mechanisms?

This article can help you to deal with such situations:

First, try to figure out which Virus is infecting your computer. Because, it is impossible to cure a disease until you know the name. Normally all antivirus (with updates virus definitions) can track the virus. If your existing antivirus in not able to find out the virus, try using some other antivirus software. Most of the time, it happens that one antivirus is not able to figure out the type of virus infecting your computer, whereas other does the same. If this does not help, take help of internet and search for the type of virus infecting your computer based on the problems or symptoms you are facing.

Half of battle is already won if you know the name of virus. You can download a virus removal tool from the website of Antivirus Manufacturers. Some companies like Symantec keep a track of all known viruses and provides removal tools for the same. You can download it, and run it on your system according to the instruction provided with the virus removal tools. Normally it requires rebooting your system and running virus removal tool in safe mode.

In case of recent viruses, you may not find any removal tool. You have to wait until a virus removal tool release from Antivirus maker companies. However, in urgent cases you should take backup of your data and reinstall Operating System after formatting the hard disk completely. A majority of Viruses affect Operating System, programs and executables. So, you do not need to format whole hard disk in every case. Formatting the primary partition containing Operating System and programs will solve the problem.

However, you should try to avoid such problems. For that you need to ensure update of your antivirus software on regular basis, and be extra careful while downloading and opening mail attachments. P2P clients, torrents websites, and removable storage devices are major source of viruses. Because the data coming in your system through these sources travels from many location and there may be some place from where they get Virus infection.

That means, you should not use your removable storage devices like Pen Drives, Zip Drives, and CD’s without proper virus scanning. Downloading online video and music can also be dangerous for your system. Therefore, if you want a safe and worry free computing experience, keep yourself away from all these things.

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