What Strength Training Does For You…

The effects of weight training are on the whole very positive. However, there can also be the possibility of detrimental effects – though usually only through carelessness. Here’s what you can expect from regular weight training!


Increased Strength

Naturally one of the biggest benefits of training with weights is an increase in strength. Training well-developed muscles means gaining greater potential output from them, and for some this may be the goal of weight training. However, greater strength is not at all the only goal. We have many more Strength Training Articles Now Available.

Additionally, increased strength doesn’t necessarily mean lifting a bigger barbell. Weight training for seniors can be really useful in maintaining a level of physical strength needful to stay readily mobile and keep healthy.

Increased Muscle Tone

Well-developed muscles are also better-toned muscles. Consistent training with weights should not only leave you feeling better, but looking better as well.

Increased Metabolism

Regular exercise will cause your metabolism to be heightened for a period of time after your exercise. If you do a bit every day, your metabolism will be kept relatively higher as long as you keep up your exercise. Getting more energy out of what you eat and building up less body fat are two of the biggest benefits of training with weights.

Psychological Benefits

The psychology of exercise and fitness may often be overlooked, but is nevertheless often the most important part of any kind of exercise. Exerting yourself to keep fit feels good, and overcoming the challenges you’ll encounter in that exertion will build confidence and character. The effects of weight training should lead to not just a strong body, but a strong person.

Better Connection With Your Body

In order to avoid injury, and naturally in the course of consistent exercise, you will develop a better sense of your body – how it works, what it needs, how much it can do without strain, how much strain it can withstand, and so on. Getting more in touch with your physical self and thereby understanding more of your whole person are some of the most important effects of training with weights.


Repetitive Stress Injury

The effects of weight training aren’t always all good. Working your muscles too hard either through an excessive number of repetitions or by using too heavy a weight can lead to minor and major injuries. Fortunately, injury can always be avoided in weight training simply by being careful, pushing your limits gradually, and always listening to your body.

One More Thing To Do

For all the benefits you can get, it is another thing to fit into your schedule. Consider if you have the time to really start training seriously; if not, organize your life first so that you do have time for it.

When you DO have time you’ll need more info about weight training, including exercise routines and advice. Especially if it’s now. We have many more Strength Training Articles Now Available.

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