What Muscle Building Routines Work?

Every aspiring body builder wants to know what muscle building routines they should subscribe to. If you are asking the same question, or trying to pick one from all the available routines being touted about in the Web, you might be heading for one disappointment after the other.

The thing is: in order to bulk up on your physique, you would need to consider several variables all at once. These variables depend a lot on you – from your current state of health, your current weight and height, the calories you are consuming now, the calories you are projected to expend during exercise, the type and duration of your exercise regimen, the escalating factor and speed of that exercise regimen and a lot more.

Why are all these variables important in finding the right muscle building routines?

Routines are regular courses of procedures – at least, it should be regular for you. Aside from doing repetitions of the same exercises, you need to perform other procedures prior, during and after the said exercises as well. So a lot of these depend on your capability to follow the routines point by point.

Any break in that routine can set you back in your bid to bulk up, or even have adverse consequences on your overall health. Therefore, the best kind of muscle building routines is the one that you are most likely to do on your own… without complaints or excuses… no matter what the weather is, or what your current mood is.

Your current state of health plays a crucial role in the body building process. If you are at the peak of health, you can almost always get to your target bulked up physique a little bit faster than those who are only ever beginning to exercise. If you have never really taken up any form of exercise in your life, nor done any form of heavy lifting whatsoever, you may need to shed some pounds off (or gain some muscle mass first) before you can even think about gaining a sculpted muscular silhouette.

Additionally, any underlying medical condition can hamper your routines as well. Your health care provider should be notified about your body building program to ensure that you will not be suffering from major medical complications down the line.

Tied to this is another variable: your current height and weight. You should be within the range of recommended weight for your height. If you are overweight or underweight, you need to level this off before proceeding with your muscle building routines. At the same time, your current height and weight can also dictate how much muscle mass your bones can take at a maximum once you start bulking up. If you are currently weighing 125 pounds and standing about 5’10,” you can increase your bulk more than a person who is weighing the same, but standing only at 5’7″. You have to remember that adding muscle mass puts a lot of strain not just on the muscles, but on the bones, joints and the internal organs as well.

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