What Makes a Real Spyware Solution?

A spyware solution should be an actual solution to your problems, instead of being more like a different kind of headache. All too often, especially in the free antispyware market, you either wind up with a bunch of stuff you don’t need, it doesn’t clean up everything, or you have to get additional packages. Here are some of the problems a person may encounter with some of the spyware packages that are out there.

First of all, there is the problem of being able to clean up all the spyware that you may have. Very few spyware removers will actually completely fix an infection. In fact, it’s an often-recommended practice to have at least two spyware removal tools in your programs. Not only is that a waste of space, but it’s also a waste of time. If you’re having to use two antispyware programs, that means it’s taking you twice as long to remove an infection!

That leads into another issue. Overwhelmingly, most spyware scanners will take at least an hour to finish a scan. Going back to what I just said, that means that if you’re using two programs to scan, it will take you at least two hours to finish cleaning your computer. Suffice it to say that you would rather be spending all that time doing something else with your computer.

The reason for this is that most antispyware programs don’t update as often as they should. Spyware programs update at an alarming rate, while many antispyware manufacturers will only update about once a week. Even at that, they don’t always have all the same definitions available. Even with two programs, you can still be a sitting duck.

Many software will also come with additional junk that you don’t need. Do you really need an alert telling you when a registry key changes? Do you really need another toolbar? For that matter, do you really need pop-ups, of all things, telling you that you should get the paid version?

Another problem with most antispyware packages is that they don’t have added spyware protection. This means that in order to have that, you have to get yet another program. It may not sound terribly important, but spyware blockers are an important part of internet security. They can prevent infections, which will ultimately save you time in repairing infections. They are definitely a must-have.

Finally, it seems that in order to find a full antispyware setup, you would have to spend a great deal of money. Sadly, many of the problems with free software translate into the paid programs. Also, as you can imagine, even when paid software comes with everything, it’s often more expensive to get the full version. Plus, there’s still that problem with updating in due time.

Ultimately, what’s needed is an inexpensive program that keeps constantly up to date on spyware definitions and fixes, can scan your computer quickly, and has spyware protection. With the prevalence of spyware on the internet, shouldn’t it be an indefeasible right to have this kind of protection?

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