What is Zepto, how to remove .zepto file extension

Internet community has recently stirred up by the news of a new virus, called Zepto. Soon it became known that the Zepto is a new version of a known virus Locky, which terrorized users for a few months, until it was neutralized. However, Locky developers, probably learned from previous experience, and now will protect their data much better. In this regard we don’t know, for how long will last the struggle with the Zepto virus, and whether it will be successful.


What is Zepto ransomware

The properties Zepto does not differ from other ransomware, but for those who have never encountered such viruses, I’ll tell you more. It gets on your computer via malicious attachments to emails. Letters may be on different topics, but their essence is always the same: User is persuaded that it is very important to open an attachment, or he will miss a major benefit. This scheme has been used for a very long time, and it is the most successful way to spread viruses. When Zepto enters the system, it conducts a quick scan, locate the desired files, and encrypts them. It uses the encryption algorithms such as AES-128 and RSA-2048, which are widely known for their complexity and the inability to break them. Both of these algorithms are practically impossible to break without the key, and because of that, they are used not only by Internet fraudsters, but also by the armed forces, secret services and governments of many countries. Zepto does not encrypt existing files directly. To complicate the recovery, the virus creates an encrypted copies of your files, and then – deletes the originals.

When the main work is done (all files are encrypted), the virus will show you a message with the ransom. It colorfully describes how dangerous is the virus itself, and how strong is an encryption, and explains how to enter the site, and where can you get Bitcoins to pay the ransom. By this time, all the information on your PC will be encrypted, except for the program files. All videos, texts, audio files and images won’t be available for viewing and use. The amount of ransom from Zepto is less than usually these viruses ask, only 0.5 of BTC, which is about $300. Of course, the amount is still significant, but hackers have relied on the fact that the user is more willing to pay if the redemption amount will be less.

How to remove Zepto virus

Removing Zepto virus from your computer does not solve the problem. Unlike other viruses that cause harm, being present on the computer, the Zepto performs its function very quickly. If you haven’t prevented its penetration into the system, the removal of the virus when the files are already encrypted, will not change the situation. Yet, the virus must be removed in any case, because it will continue to encrypt all the files entering your computer. Removal can be done manually or with help of the reputable anti-virus software. You have to remember that the removal of the virus does not change file encryption. Moreover, if you remove the virus from your computer, then you will lose the ability to recover files on the link provided to you by hackers.

How to decrypt files

I’m not going to convince you that my article absolutely solves the problem of Zepto. In fact, with such a virus infection, you have only one 100{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} effective way to restore files – to load the backup. If you do not have backups, then the chances of success are greatly reduced. However, you can use other recovery methods, which, though not guarantee success, but might help you with your problem. I’m talking about deciphering using special software, or the restoration from the shadow copies. For complete information about all methods of data decryption and removal of the virus – view the extended article on how to remove Zepto ransomware.

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