What is the best exercise to loose belly fat

Theses days most people are looking for the best exercise to loose belly fat and get themselves a six pack. You will be constantly discovering different lower ab exercises, crazy diets, pills, and exercise machines that will promise to get rid of your stomach fat. Some of these may give your abs a workout and provide exercise to loose belly fat, but most are just scams designed to get your money.

To avoid becoming the next victim, you will need to understand the construction of the abdominal muscles and how they work. Many different muscle segments combine in order to produce the complete package of stomach muscles.

The muscle that everyone is able to see and hopefully admire runs vertically between the pubic area your fifth, sixth and seventh rib. This muscle is called the rectus abdominis. Layers of tendon divide this muscle both vertically and horizontally in order to produce the six distinct muscle patches that make up the six pack. It’s actual function is to adjust in order to properly stabilize your upper and lower body during physical activity.

The external oblique muscles, located on either side of the six pack are another segment of the abdominal muscles. Theses run on a diagonal going down towards the lower ribs to the pelvis. Your external oblique muscle helps to accommodate safe movements in your spine and body rotation.

The pair of deep muscles located just below your external obliques are called internal oblique. The internal oblique run at right angles from one another. They function in conjunction with your external obloquies in order to permit mid body movement that is stable, like bending and twisting. Due to their right angle alignment the internal and external oblique muscles are referred to as opposite side rotators.

Your deepest layer of muscles in your abdominals are named the “transverus abdominis.” Wrapping around your torso in a manner similar to a corset, it assists in moving air out of your lungs, as well as providing stability to the spine and helping keep your internal organs in place.

A lot of the “best ab workouts” are lower stomach exercises and in actuality they work the hip flexors much more than they exercise the abdominals. The best abdominal workouts need to minimize the use of the hip flexors in order to maximize the exercise for the lower stomach.

The best exercise to loose belly fat is very easy, but it is important to remember that no one ab exercise challenges all of the different ab muscles. You need to do exercises that focus on the lower abdominals as well as exercises that focus on all of the abdominal muscles at once.

Sit ups alone are not the best exercise to loose belly fat. Many of the people who’ve held world records for most sit-ups still have fat deposits that hide their abs. You need to combine ab exercises with exercises that get rid of the stomach fat. This means a proper diet that is designed to stimulate your metabolism, managing your body’s natural hormones and performing exercises to lose belly fat and control fat burning and storage.

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