What is HotFix.exe? Remove this virus with an easy uninstall in minutes

The hotfix.exe virus is a menacing piece of software that comes packaged with the very dangerous ThinkPoint virus that is currently circulating. Thousands of innocent people are being targeted and attacked by this badware every day. If this program is left to its own devices the result is a painfully slow PC and a serious risk of online identity theft and stolen files, including password files and internet browsing history. We have to delete hotfix.exe to save ourselves any potential damage.

One of the quickest ways to realize that you’re infected by this malware is the loads of pop-ups that appear when you use the internet. You also may notice that your home page has changed, your desktop background has changed, and you’re receiving more spam e-mails than usual. You were most likely infected by this worm when you watched a video online, downloaded a P2P file, or installed a free toolbar. Any one of these activities can result in malware being installed unknowingly.

Like I said, a complete removal of Hotfix.exe is extremely important to save our PC against hackers who use Trojans, keyloggers, and other methods to steal our information and access our bank accounts.

We can uninstall hotfix.exe easily. There are two methods, manual removal and automatic removal. If you are a beginner, then you should not try a manual removal. The reason is that a single mistake in a registry edit can result in a paperweight for a computer, or can result in hundreds of dollars in IT fees to fix it. It’s simply not worth the risk when there are cheaper solutions available. Having said that – if you’re an expert, then open and delete HKEY_CURRENT_USERSSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “thinkpoint”. You will then locate the thinkpoint and hotfix exe files and delete them, followed by removing the related files and directories. A full listing can be found on my website.

How Can I Delete HotFix.exe right NOW?

The quickest and most pain-free method of removal is automatic removal software. I recommend a couple different programs in particular because they’re lightweight, they clean the PC quickly, and they get the PC working like new again. The best part about the software that I use, above all, is that it actively protects the computer against future viruses and malware, while you are downloading a file or browsing the web.

Tired of spyware threatening the safety and security of you and your family? Remove hotfix.exe right now!

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