What is Bankruptcy

When a person is unable to repay the debt to creditors then he must take the route to protect himself by legal method. Bankruptcy is the state of complete inability of a person to pay the debt to the creditors. A person can file a bankruptcy if he/she thinks that he/she can not pay the debt to the creditors or needs more time to pay the debt. When the bankruptcy is filed, the person deals directly with the bankruptcy court and not with the creditors. Creditors stop dealing with the debtor and they also deal directly with the court. This bankruptcy is beneficial both for the creditor and the person who must pay the debt to the creditor.

What can lead to bankruptcy?

There can be numerous reasons which can lead a person to file bankruptcy. The most important of them are listed below:

1)    Some doctor bills which you were not expecting
2)    The last date for paying the debt to the creditor
3)    You are unable to repay the debt you took from the creditor due to many personal reasons like you have to move to some other city and need some money to reestablish yourself there.
4)    You have to spend whole of your money on some other work like on the admission of your child.
5)    You have to pay your credit card bill

These are some common situations which can lead you to the shortage of money and your inability to pay the debt. In these situations only bankruptcy can help you otherwise you will start receiving calls from the creditors that you have to give them the money as soon as possible. To protect yourself from these creditors who will call you almost daily asking you to the money you should immediately go for bankruptcy.

How to survive during bankruptcy

The period of bankruptcy can be very difficult sometimes especially when you have to repay a huge amount of debt. In this situation you might also have to sell your house to file the bankruptcy. However, you can take some steps to survive during the period of bankruptcy which usually lasts between 3 to 7 years. First of all you must rebuild your credit score so you can get some good loan from the creditors again. Rebuilding your credit score is really necessary otherwise you won’t be able to pay for your new house. If you have enough money and you can survive the period of bankruptcy then you should wait and start your social and financial life after that period.
It is recommended that you go and file the bankruptcy and save your assets from getting sold. Although you will still loose some of your assets when you will file bankruptcy but they will be a lot less than what you were going to loose without filing the bankruptcy.

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