What is a Credit Restoration Consultant?

Credit Restoration Consultants basically is a credit service organization. They are basically specialized in the restoration of consumer credit worthiness and also identity theft if any. They are there to assist consumers and provide help to achieve a manageable financial credit profile.

Whatever they do is legal as they utilize laws enacted by Congress to dispute negative, incorrect and out of date information contained within your credit report. They also utilize the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Fair & Accurate Credit Transactions Act. They will also assist a consumer in the submission of various disputes verbally and in writing or electronically, to the Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union who are the consumer reporting agencies in addition to collection agencies, creditors, and the third party record providers. Remember you can also do it yourself anything that a credit restoration agency does. The only difference is they have the edge when it comes to possessing the right knowledge and a source proven technique which leads to quick success. They are primarily worried with two specific and most important areas of this business, the first being knowledge and understanding of a consumer and secondly, support for identity theft victims.

Credit restoration is very much legal as pleading for not guilty in a court of law. Having said it is important though for one to understand that Credit Restoration Consultants is in no way a law firm and that none of its employees are licensed attorney with permission to practice law in the united state of America. So Credit Restoration Consultants will not provide any kind of legal advice nor represent any consumer before any court of law or in any legal proceeding. In the event you would require legal representation Credit Restoration Consultants can assist you and provide with an appropriate referral for consultation.

Credit Restoration Consultants exists since October of 2000 with its offices in Hollywood and Davie. The benefit of credit Restoration Consultants is that it provides you with a personalized service which is very rare in the credit Restoration agencies. They also personally handle disputes for their clients and refer directly to the creditors verbally, the credit bureaus and collection agencies etc. This has yielded an exceptional result both in dispute execution not just that but also gained the benefit of those disputed items that needs to be cleared up immediately.

Credit Restoration agencies have the training and experience required to help consumers restore their credit legally and quickly. Unlike most other agencies they are consultants with complete intensive training program familiar with the federal and state laws that govern all the creditors and collection agencies. They also help the consumers to improve their credit scores and also help clean up consumer’s credit reports. Credit Restoration agencies most important task is to educate their clients on how to build good credit report and maintain a good credit in the long run. Credit Restoration agencies aim is to help their clients save money in a long run.

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