What Every Parent Ought to Know About Supporting Their Child’s Education

All parents want their child to do well in school, and all parents do what they can to support their child’s education. But many get it wrong, and kids suffer as a result.

The one thing that parents need to know is that their role in helping children learn is different from the teacher’s role in helping children learn. We have many more Parenting Help Articles Now Available.

Why is it important for parents to know this?

Because if parents insist on acting like teachers their child is going to miss out on some very important learning opportunities, learning opportunities that only parents can provide. And no one wants that to happen, least of all parents.

This is the way most parents think.

‘Johnny (or Jane) is not doing too well in school so they must need more schooling, they must need to repeat what has been happening in class. So I must find out what work need to do and help them do it.’

‘Where is their text book? What page are they on? What is the problem? Why are they being so stupid? Why can’t they learn?’

So the poor kids get more and more of the stuff they cannot do in the hope that, by magic, they will suddenly and miraculously ‘get it’!

Not only doesn’t this approach work, it wears everybody out. The kids get upset and ancy (is that a real word?) and parents get exhausted and frustrated.

It is so sad. It needn’t be that way.

When parents understand that their role in supporting their child’s education is different from that of their child’s teacher then they can start to give children the kind of support that will guarantee their success.

Your role is to ‘set the scene’ for learning, to make sure that your child has the skills and space and resources he or she needs to reach their learning potential. You don’t do this by doing what your child’s teacher does, you do it by being the best parent you can be so that your child benefits from learning opportunities at school and at home.

Without support from both a caring teacher and a loving parent children will never be all that they can be. And the world will be a poorer place as a result.

Parents! Set the Scene for learning! Give your child the skills they need to be able to benefit from their schooling and leave the ‘teaching’ to the teachers. You have enough to do, and your child needs you to be a parents not another teacher. We have many more Parenting Help Articles Now Available.