What Does It Take To Have A Body Like The Cast of 300

Everyone wants that perfect body; we watch films or see role models with dashboard abdominals and pectorals that can be seen from miles away.  We wonder what it takes to get the body into that peak condition. We wonder could my body be like that. We wonder just how did the cast of 300 get their body’s so perfect. I will show you the factors that determine whether you can get that perfect body and what it takes to get those muscles into shape.

The first factor will always be genetics. I am afraid genetics just cannot be brought or they cannot change. Some people have genetics that can help muscles grow quickly and repair quickly. In general genetics can often be traced to race. Black males have the best genetics for building muscle. You will notice that often many black males are in great shape because they are born with high muscle density. The color of the skin also helps muscles to look defined. Someone with pale skin will struggle to make his muscles looked defined, whilst someone with darker skin will have more muscle definition. This is the reason why people get fake tanned or ‘bronzed’ for bodybuilding competitions.

The next factor is the amount of training. This is a more obvious one as the more you get to the gym the more chance you have of getting that 300 workout body. Now it is clear that you need to get down to the gym in order to achieve your fitness goals, but can you go to much? Yes, when you lift weights your muscles make tiny rips, now for them to get bigger and stronger those tiny rips need to repair and grow, this is achieved by good diet and rest.  If you do too much weights and not enough rest then you will be doing a lot of ripping but not enough repairing, your body will then use its original muscle to repair the tiny rips. To make it more simple if you do not get enough rest then your muscle will basically eat your muscle repair

Well you will now be asking how much should I be going?

This depends on your gym experience. If you are a beginner to weight lifting then your muscles will need more time to repair between workouts. It is important to note that muscles repair during your sleep. This means you will need lots of sleep to help those muscle grow and look like a 300 spartan. Beginners should not go more than 4 times a week for the first two months. Even still this is not a fixed rule. If your muscles are still tired and hurting when you go to the gym then this should be a sign that your body needs more rest. More advanced members of the gym can go anywhere up to six times a week but there workout needs to be divided so that each session is divided into working different muscles.

How did the cast of 300 get that big?

They spent time working hard in the gym doing the 300 workout.  They made sure that they had the perfect diet. This meant that their diet revolved around the use of protein. For those of you who don’t know proteins role is to repair the muscles. This is why the more protein you get in your system the quicker your body will repair. If you want to look like the cast of 300 then you have to understand that their muscles are so defined because they have very little body fat. This means they spent a lot of time doing sprint training to help lower their body fat.

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