What Determines Length Of An Accident Case?

Have you been a victim of an accident case?  Are you ready to sue for your medical expenses, but need the money immediately?  Be aware that the money may not be placed in your hands right away.  It may take a significant amount of time before you see any monetary settlement.  Several factors determine the length of time it takes for an accident case to reach trial or a settlement.  Some of these things are out of your control.  Thus, if you are a victim, take note of what these influences are upon your case.  This guideline will provide you with a better understanding of how specific elements affect your accident case and the length of time it takes before you receive any financial rewards.

Accident Lawyer Effectiveness

The smoothness of your case moving along depends on the experience and capabilities of your accident attorney.  With a reputable legal professional, fewer bumps along the way will arise in your case shortening the overall amount of time it takes before your case ends.  Find an experienced attorney who specializes in accident law.  Make certain the lawyer you hire is able to provide ample information about how the process works and prepares you accordingly.

Insurance Company Position

When dealing with an accident case you need to take into consideration the liable insurance company’s willingness to participate in proceeding forth with the case.  If the insurance company has a reputation for not cooperating or having a record of being stern, then your case may be delayed due to the liable insurance company’s historical stance on such cases.  An experienced accident lawyer should be able to supply and evaluate this data for you.  It is an aspect manipulating the duration of your case.

Your Own Level of Tolerance

You need to practice patience when dealing with an accident case.  Some insurance companies will present little money on the table during the first round of offers.  Thus, keep in mind your original offer.  Do not waiver from the agreed upon number for settlement unless advised by your attorney.  This may take lots of endurance from someone who is naturally impatience.  But this is also another reason why having an experienced, successful, reputable accident attorney on your team makes a difference.  For a   winning attorney will know how to ensure you do not jump the gun and take any settlement placed before you.

Accident Events

The accident itself is another attribute contributing to the length of time it takes before a case settles.  If the accident is complicated, the case will take longer than initially realized.  You have to consider who was at fault.  Was a drunk driver involved?  What about witnesses, and how reliable are the witnesses?  Did the police on-site of accident issue a ticket?  Do conflicting accounts of the incident exist? How much paperwork needs to be sifted through to compile the re-enactment of the injuries.

These are all aspects required to properly analyze and handle the case.  If you are a victim of an accident case, contact a Virginia personal injury lawyer, a Virginia accident attorney or a Virginia car accident lawyer today.

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