What Dangers Can a Best Health Insurance Save You From?

If you are young and in good health you will definitely wish to avoid any form of health insurance. You will view it as a waste of money. It is not. Read on to know the positive aspects of health insurance and how it saves you from various dangers.

Start young, pay less

If you buy the best health insurance at a young age, the insurance company will charge a reduced premium keeping in mind your health condition. As years pass and you do not file a claim, your premium may be reduced or the company may increase the amount of cover. Health insurance saves you from the danger of paying higher premiums at a later date or face a refusal if you cross a certain age. If you think of getting a health insurance cover after you are 60 years of age you will face the danger of refusal or an extraordinarily high premium.

Get best health insurance for self and family

 If you are thinking of a vacation as being better than best health insurance cover for your family, forego that vacation. Get all your family members insured first. The reason is simple. You have youngsters in your family and seniors. Anything can happen to any at any time and hospitalization is expensive, costing anywhere from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 300000. You avoid the danger of your family members remaining unprotected. If you do not have insurance, you pay out of your pocket and put your finances out of whack. If you do not have funds to meet costs then you must compromise on quality of medical treatment. These are avoidable by taking out health insurance online.  

Cashless hospitalization and co-pays

At least, when you have best health insurance, you can expect cashless hospitalization. This means you do not have to spend first and then submit a claim. If you have fixed deposits or investments you do not run the risk of en-cashing them and losing out on substantial gains later on. Cashless hospitalization saves you from the danger of massive hospital bills.

The dangers of exclusions and waiting times

Delay taking out the best health insurance and you run the danger of not enjoying the benefit even though you have paid the premium. How can this be you ask? Health insurance, especially in the case of health insurance cover for seniors above a certain age, comes with some conditions one of which is a waiting period that can stretch up to four years. If, during this period, the insured is hospitalized or undergoes treatment for certain conditions then the insurance company will not pay anything. As you grow older the exclusion list grows. Getting best health insurance early for your senior family members saves you from these dangers of paying premium and not being able to enjoy the benefit and, worse still, having to pay out of your pocket.

You may grumble at paying a premium of Rs. 10000 today but tomorrow, if you are faced with hospital bills of Rs. 200000 or more, you will thank your lucky stars you opted for it.

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