what affects psa test?

What affects psa test on earth?

We know that PSA mainly by the prostate gland has differentiated columnar epithelium secreting cells, prostate inflammation can destroy the prostate ductal and the original integrity of physical barriers,

Within the duct and acinar PSA leaking into the blood circulation, so that some of prostatitis patients showed increased serum PSA phenomenon.

Therefore, many scholars of the studies have shown that elevated serum PSA or PSAD in damage primarily to the degree of prostate tissue,

With the degree of inflammation within the prostate, and which is not directly related to,although the degree of prostate inflammation may be associated with prostate tissue injury.

We found that ? A type of serum PSA levels in patients with prostatitis was significantly higher than the normal control group.

With the increase in the number of EPS in the WBC, serum PSA level gradually increased,

But there is no significant difference, which may be due to fewer cases of this observation, but haven’t been found the differences between the two.

The PSA level is related to the prostate volume, age, race, reagents, biopsy, and many other factors.

There is a wide range of different findings, some of which are mutually contradictory, and research is also related to differences in methods and patient selection.

However, now widely been recognized that not all patients with prostatitis had serum PSA levels appear higher.

Because prostatitis can increase serum PSA in the absence of any clinical symptoms, serum PSA levels were significantly higher in men, almost half have evidence of the existence of prostate tissue inflammation, which can cause clinical infection also increased serum PSA levels.

Therefore, elevated serum PSA levels of men, first of all a simple and convenient routine screening for the existence of prostatitis is needed, in particular, to see if whether there is no clinical symptoms of prostatitis.

After a clear diagnosis of prostatitis, you can provide an effective anti-infection treatment, allowing a gradual reduction of serum PSA levels, which can be extended to prostate biopsy,.

Repeated or not repeated prostate biopsy, or no need for biopsy. This will not only improve diagnosis of prostate cancer, prostate PSA and the degree of tissue injury has some relevance, The prostatic epithelial cells in the extent of damage and the degree of inflammatory cell infiltration, EPS microscopy in the number of WBC may reflect the extent of this infiltration, thus indirectly reflects the degree of glandular infringement.

Therefore, the number of WBC in EPS and serum PSA levels have a certain correlation, and confirmed by clinical practice.

And that’s what affects psa test.

But it is not clear for the serum PSA levels and the relationship between the number of WBC in EPS, because these two effects is with the same type of receptor generated.

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